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  1. Today question wey Abroke dey ask be say
  2. "Europe dey small if we wan compared am to
  3. obodo America, sey Google go get team for
  4. market wey dey very small?" Na beta
  5. question d tin be say we get webspam
  6. team wey Europe, for Dublin,Dey fit
  7. handle webspam and tackle spam report
  8. wella for many language wey many pesin wey
  9. sabi dey for dere so we get people for
  10. ground for different offices wey dey
  11. around the world,we get engineers for
  12. Zurich,and we get one for Hong Kong Pleti
  13. pesin wey get native experience people wey
  14. dey think about spam for Russian and also
  15. people forDublin wey dey do beta job wey
  16. dey deal with algorithm wey miss,dey
  17. go find the spam
  18. Dey sabi how dey take lay the land, dey
  19. sabi the big players and dey be beta
  20. expert.And if some beta type of link spam
  21. dey go on for Poland,for example pesin dey
  22. der,also people dey on top the matter
  23. e go dey veri important if Google no go
  24. just dey for US abi English company.

  25. We wan dey international,we wan dey deal
  26. with plenti languages . d tin be say we
  27. fit no get webspam for full time for
  28. everi language but una go dey shock
  29. for the kin plenty languages wey our
  30. webspam team go dey together fight spam
  31. make everi one get beta user experience