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← Will Google get a webspam team outside of the US?

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Ukazujem Revíziu 1 vytvorenú 12/11/2012 od Claude Almansi.

  1. Today's question comes from
    Abroke who asks, "Europe is
  2. small compared with the United
    States, so will Google get a
  3. webspam team for smaller
    markets?" Great question.
  4. It turns out we actually do have
    a webspam team based in
  5. Europe, based in Dublin,
    in fact.
  6. And they're able to handle
    webspam and tackle spam
  7. reports in a wide variety of
    languages, so on the order of
  8. well over a dozen, dozens of
    languages because there's a
  9. lot of smart people there.
  10. So we actually have people
    on the ground in a lot of
  11. different offices around the
    world, and we also have
  12. engineers in Zurich, we have
    an engineer in Hong Kong.
  13. And so there's a lot of people
    who have native experience,
  14. people who think about spam in
    Russian, but also a lot of
  15. people in Dublin who do a
    fantastic job dealing with if
  16. an algorithm misses something,
    they are
  17. there to find the spam.
  18. They know the lay of the land,
    they know who the big players
  19. are, and they're really
    quite expert.
  20. And so if there's some really
    unique type of link spam going
  21. on in Poland, for example,
    there's a person there, and so
  22. those people are on top of
    that sort of situation.
  23. So I think it's important that
    Google not be just a
  24. US-centric or an English-centric
  25. We want to be international,
    we want to deal with all
  26. different languages, and it is
    the case that we might not
  27. have webspam full time on every
    single language, but you
  28. would be pretty shocked at the
    number of languages that the
  29. webspam team collectively is
    able to fight spam in.
  30. There's a large group of people
    trying to make sure
  31. that people have a good search
    experience, and that users
  32. have a good experience overall.