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  1. The next thing is to
    use salient points.
  2. First column is, how
    we like to talk about
  3. stuff if you're
    into technology.
  4. But really, the second
    column is what really counts.
  5. Miles per gallon? Not so much!
    Yearly costs, much better.
  6. The grease or
    heating costs.
  7. What should you set
    your thermostat for?
  8. Or a very easy example.
  9. Do you talk in terms of
    gigabytes or number of songs?
  10. The salient point is number of
    songs, not how many gigabytes.
  11. I doubt that most normal people
    wake up in the morning and say,
  12. 'God, if I only had a 64 gigabyte
    iPod, I would be happy.'
  13. You talk about songs,
    how many movies can it hold.
  14. Use salient points.