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  1. [Commentator] Meanwhile, at LA Boca, Cristina has already found the perfect place for the mural.
  2. but before the artists can get to work
  3. the builders have to prepare the wall;
  4. it is a process which takes up a lot of time.
  5. [Cristina] This wall in particular, the technique that is used is a very old technique.
  6. it is an Etruscan technique that you work with almost as if it was a fresco.
  7. but with the brick, they keep on putting different layers of cement, a hole to test its thickness, sand and pigment.
  8. ...um....black
  9. then goes blue, green, red, yellow and the last is white.
  10. this allows you to get
  11. different depths and different colours
  12. [Voices and sounds of a bar]
  13. [Commentator] Just around the corner is the La Perla Cafe,
  14. which is the meeting point for the neighbors of La Boca.
  15. there, they have arranged to meet other members of the team
  16. to resolve some of the details at the last hour
  17. [Cristina] Quickly, quickly the wall is drying!
  18. This...there it is everything
  19. You see? you see?
  20. Well, this is the most nostalgic part
  21. this ...there we have the most romantic part
  22. and there is the part most like real life
  23. but....this, there are different situations and you have to see there,
  24. this isn't like that
  25. [Edgar] Stop, stop, stop, slow down.
  26. like this the figure in white doesn't convince me
  27. it has to be a bit more relaxed
  28. [Cristina] No, no this is going to be white but over there it has to be white and yellow.
  29. but there this is going to be bigger
  30. and this is a part which has to be a bit sadder
  31. but there are so many colours that...
  32. we came to an agreement of which subjects we were going to deal with
  33. it was essential to work with the Tango, the accordion
  34. also to reflect a bit about a social situaction
  35. and each person drew a part and then afterwards we put the drawings together
  36. [Ricardo] what I worry a lot about is
  37. the simplicity of all these forms
  38. and the complicity of this form. How is it possible to balance it out?
  39. But this is like....like the meaning of the from is very powerful
  40. like this bridge and this hook. These shapes are this...
  41. we going to make it more passive, in a lighter colour. Do you understand?
  42. We're not going to make it as textural.
  43. this.... all of this subject...we're going to bring together all of it..
  44. all of this part
  45. [Ricardo] hmm
  46. [Cristina] What do you think?
  47. [Ricardo] Yes, for me it seems perfect

  48. [Cristina] What do you think? Do you think it's good?
  49. The responsibilities of each person of the mural
  50. are given in the choice that I make of the people:
  51. Munú, in general, is very organised,
  52. she is the perfect executive secretary
  53. Edgar is more impulsive,
  54. he is more creative when having to decide on the situations
  55. in the moment that we have to decide
  56. Ricardo, well, he has a way of working very hard
  57. the students that have come, for them I understand that it has been a tremendous experience.
  58. [Edgar] Yes, I would love that this wasn't so flat. neither around here.
  59. [Cristina] What do you think if we make a few decisions about the wall?
  60. ok
  61. it's good, you can you can go looking round what's happening
  62. [Cristina]... about the action, what do you think?
  63. well, terrific!
  64. Good, we are clear about that
  65. um... shall we improvise a little on the wall?
  66. come on because the wall is going to dry, ok? let's get a move on then.

  67. [farewells]
  68. [deep music, follows along while the work is being carried out]
  69. [Commentator] The first thing to do is hang the images on the wall
  70. [Man] to ensure that they don't move
  71. [shouts]
  72. [Commentator] they trace the images,
  73. and then everyone gets to work scraping
  74. [Edgar] you can see that it's a different way of working
  75. we put down some reds, but more intense and some blues..
  76. [unrecognizable words]
  77. [Edgar] Ehm.. it could be a wider spatule that you need
  78. um at this moment I am
  79. looking for a layer of blue underneath three layers of colour;
  80. of white, yellow, red
  81. to make the sky
  82. of the mural
  83. [Cristina] If it's possible that you go to some sides
  84. in the middle, you stay like this and to the side you can make it a bit more reddish?
  85. ok?!
  86. Right, let's do the little house now.
  87. The main problem with using this technique is the time;
  88. we are totally under pressure by the time we have and by the weather,
  89. because, if it is ver dry, the wall dries very fast
  90. and this is very very dry after. so, we have to take advantage,
  91. that's why there are so many people!
  92. This wall has to be done collectively;
  93. in reality it has to be finished in a day at most in two
  94. what I want to do now is
  95. is to control a bit how this goes...this...
  96. taking back the colour in some places,
  97. go down and look from infront, to see how I can speed it up, alright?
  98. [music - ends]
  99. Are we all here?
  100. Let´s see what happens after, don´t take any more off, to see what happens after with what's on the bottom
  101. well, in general I always like to work in a group,
  102. Or to create collectively, it's not that it's just one person's mural,
  103. but that it is a group creation.
  104. It is very difficult for artists to be able to achieve this,
  105. but in general we are together and we decide lot's of things together.
  106. ...and this wall which is mesh - meshed? and we are going with all of it in yellow,
  107. all the mesh wall is yellow!
  108. there you go, come on.
  109. [sounds]