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  1. Understanding a region´s economic climate, office incites
  2. and promise production about regional challenges for global
  3. and digital development.
  4. foreign investors are very worry about coming to Nepal for two reasons:
  5. Number one is the political instability and the subsequently with dispute because political instability that causes,
  6. and the other one is because of the poor infrastructure
  7. and inadequate power supply, so we are not really taken off
  8. even though our neighbor countries have.
  9. in terms of closing the distant divide with other countries, especially with the neighboring countries,
  10. I think we should always learn from India, in terms of
  11. adoption of the distance technology. We were in some cases
  12. in ahead of India, for example we brought the first
  13. distance telephones in all South Asia, and also we were the first who
  14. introduce 3G service, third generation, you know, of mobiles serivce
  15. in Nepal, but now we are seriously lacking behind.
  16. In terms of development of distance technologies in Nepal
  17. is the largest users of technology, I mean the license department, the election commission
  18. these are the entities that require advanced technology
  19. and then the second is the private sector and tourism is a big sector in Nepal,
  20. and so when tourists come
  21. They want to use internet, email and all that in Nepal, I think
  22. wherever you go you see a lot of Cyber cafes.
  23. Tourism is very important for Nepal, but we don´t have a
  24. very big tourism infrastructure to attract millions of tourists
  25. in the long run it is going to be important but then we can't put
  26. all our eggs in one basket, it is human resource that is the most valuable asset.
  27. Education at the moment is about root learning, number one,
  28. and passing exam and getting a piece of paper at the end of the day.
  29. It is not about the skills, biggest thing I tell my students when
  30. I teach them is, the most important thing that you learn at school is how to think,
  31. and our education system at the moment is such that is does not demand thinking
  32. it´s about re-digiting what they learnt rather than
  33. application what they learnt.