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← We were planning to celebrate. Now we’re planning to act.

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Ukazujem Revíziu 1 vytvorenú 11/17/2016 od Ebony Adams.

  1. Over the past week,
  2. women, people of color, trans and queer folks
  3. and many others across the US
  4. have been targeted in over
  5. 400 reported acts of aggression and hate.
  6. This is unacceptable.
  7. Feminist Frequency is founded on the belief
  8. that media matters;
  9. and that there is a very real connection
  10. between the representations and values
  11. embedded in our popular media
  12. and the abuses we're currently seeing
  13. throughout the country.
  14. Last week, I posted a video
  15. responding to the election results,
  16. and reminding us all
  17. that we have to call out and address
  18. sexism, racism, and all forms of bigotry
  19. especially as they pervade mass media.
  20. That's what Feminist Frequency does.
  21. And our work is critical right now.
  22. We've heard from you that,
  23. like us,
  24. you're feeling grief and helplessness and rage,
  25. and are looking for ways
  26. to actively combat this hate.
  27. So, throughout the month of December,
  28. we'll be sharing ways that you can plug in
  29. and get involved in the struggle
  30. right now, and for years ahead.
  31. Because of your enthusiastic belief in our work,
  32. Feminist Frequency has achieved so much
  33. over the past four years.
  34. But we still need your help.
  35. Your contribution at this crucial time
  36. ensures that we can keep progressing
  37. over the next four years.
  38. Your donation today can help us continue
  39. to do this vital work.
  40. Let's support each other by challenging
  41. unjust representations of individuals and groups,
  42. and by standing up against
  43. hatred and harassment in our communities.