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  2. Studs - Mahalia Jackson, I guess Mahalia i’m thinking about you and the song.
  3. Now I’ve known you since 1946, that would be about 17 years we’ve known one another Mahalia.
  4. Mahalia — That’s right.
  5. Studs - I think about this song, you your recognition as an internationally known artist, a black woman, a singer of gospel songs, spirituals. What does the song, what meaning does the song have for you today?
  6. Mahalia - Well, you got to keep moving and you gotta have heart.
    And you got to suffer but you got to keep on moving.
    Because the world is, there is so many people is trying to move, they’ve got to just keep pushing their way. And then there is so many people is ready to move, ready to come up out of poverty, come up out of oppression and that’s the meaning of it. You, you trying to tell the world you gotta have a real heart, a real should, a real feeling of love in your heart. And only love can do this when you keep trying to move. you got to move on to success and to love each other.
  7. Studs — Well this is in a way I suppose what Reverend Martin Luther King’s feeling is all about because the nonviolent movement that - it’s pretty difficult though isn’t it, Mahalia?
  8. Mahalia — No
  9. Studs — I mean, isn’t this difficult?
  10. Mahalia — it’s so sad, it’s so sad
  11. Studs — difficult to, you can’t turn a, rough to turn a cheek isn’t it?
  12. Mahalia — Oh, well that’s his teaching you know and I have gone along with it pretty much and following his leadership but you know, its pretty hard Studs, for somebody to keep on knocking you down and you and you and he keeps saying to stick to it and I know he’s right. But you kind of get a little angry there you know and um especially when they put the little children in the jail and putting dogs on people. Only thing we are interested in is equal rights.
  13. Studs — yes
  14. Mahalia — Where we can make a living to survive! You understand and to have an education. Only the grace of God that has brought me thus far being an unlearn woman, not able. What was I going to try and learn for down there? There was no work for me. If I’d a got a chance to go to college, there was nothing for me to do but still push the white peoples buggy. They babies and clean their babies and clean their house. It’s just since I been up north, a little bit of opportunities open. That’s another thing that puzzles me, I don’t know this thing its peculiar. When I’m on the stage and on television and working with white people they just hug me and say I’m so wonderful, so great. And then when I’m walking down the street like an ordinary citizen, they don’t recognize me when I go into their department store in the south, they - I can’t get a sandwich, I can’t get a bottle of pop, I’ve got to stand - I can’t even get a cab. And I am just Mahalia Jackson that they got through saying how wonderful I am. What, I don’t understand is, what make people act like that?
  15. Studs — This is the big question Mahalia. The split in people.
  16. Mahalia - Ah, I do want to, I want to see my people be respected. You know its the most distasteful thing to hear white man call your man, your husband or your brother a boy like he’s — he’s no boy. He’s a man like anybody, that’s disrespect. That’s the height of ignorance. Complete ignorance. For people to treat people like that, its awful it just hurts me. And I am so hurt about it, it keeps me praying, you know, for the lord not to let hate get in my heart. This world will make you think, I tell you. Make you think because if you don’t, you go down the drain and despair and I don’t believe in letting nothing get down in my soul. I speak it out so I can be free because if it stay inside when I go out I would become a hateful woman and I don’t want to hate, I want to love. God knows right now people down south that are mistreating, I feel that I could still
  17. Studs — Yeah, well this is
  18. Mahalia - Be friends to them and do what I could.
  19. Studs — This is of course, the hope of Reverend Martin Luther King and people like you and Ralph Abernathy.
  20. Mahalia - As Dr. Martin Luther King said “Walk together children, don’t you get weary. There’s a great camp meeting in the promised land. And this promised land is right here in America. I was born here and I ain’t going yet. Expect to die right here to. If they kill me for freedom then I’ll be buried on the land of free as it is said right in America. We gonna walk together right here. Sing together, shout together and also fight together.
  21. Studs - And you’re on your way.
  22. Mahalia - I’m on my way.
  23. Studs — You’re on your way Mahalia.
  24. Mahalia - That’s right.
  26. (......music continues)
  27. THE END