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  1. To illustrate concepts with relational databases, we're going to use some data
  2. on the Aadhaar program, that is acquired from India's online Open Data Portal.
  3. Aadhaar is a relatively, new initiative in India.
  4. It is a 12 digit, unique number that,
  5. enables identification for every resident of India.
  6. According, to the Indian government.
  7. Once instituted, the Aadhaar will provide a universal identity infrastructure,
  8. which can be used by any identity-based application.
  9. The dataset, we'll be using describes the number of people, who enrolled in or
  10. were rejected by the Aadhaar program.
  11. Cut by various characteristics, such as district, subdistrict, gender, and
  12. age across India.
  13. As data scientists, the Aadhaar program is interesting to us, because it is
  14. a huge dataset, representing one of the most significant populations on Earth.
  15. We can study the Aadhaar enrollment dataset to learn a bit more about
  16. India's population.
  17. And also, what type of people are applying for and
  18. successfully enrolling in the Aadhaar program.