IndiaUnheard Video Inspires Community to Take Direct Action

Inspired by an IndiaUnheard Community Video, a village crippled by water scarcity, begins to believe in the power of the people to take action and create change. In 3 months, the people work together to revive a 250 year old well. Over 7000 people who received water only once in four days now have regular water supply for their basic needs. The collector of the district has now asked for a screening of the video. The people are planning to use it as an advocacy tool to suggest key changes to water administration. Once they cover the district, they are planning to influence the state.

Last year, IndiaUnheard published a video on the inspiring journey of a rural community who decided to take their long standing water issues in their own hand. They came together and defiantly showed the other cheek to the authorities. Instead of awaiting Godot, the men, women and children of Aundhewadi village in Maharashtra volunteered their time, money and labor and built a pipe-line connecting a nearby spring to the village water tank. Anand Pagare, IndiaUnheard Community Correspondent from the neighboring town of Malegaon, documented this struggle and the sweet outcome of self-reliance.

Repeated appeals to the authorities had failed to relieve the situation. A 68 lakh state grant was given to the region to set up its water infrastructure. But nothing has yet materialized. The administration is corrupt and smug about it. The around 14,000 people in the village were beginning to brace themselves for the dog days ahead.
Ram Khurdal, a local activist and theatre personality is one of the foremost voices of the Girnare community's water struggles. He is a former acquaintance of Anand. Both have previously worked on a project together. He was looking up Anand's recent work on the internet when he came across the video.