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  1. … Howard Scott. Okay
    Howard, let ‘er roll.
  2. And you know, down deep in my
  3. heart I want to sell you one of these
  4. terrific handicapped workers. And
  5. today, like everyday, is a gigantic
  6. sale day here at Handicap City.
  7. Everyday I’m getting in new stock,
  8. and that means that every day is a
  9. good day for you to come on down and
  10. pick out a top of the line, fully
  11. guaranteed, reconditioned model of
  12. your choice. Just come on down and
  13. ask for me, Sid Falco. We’ve got ‘em
  14. all here at Handicap City. We’re the
  15. largest handicap dealership west of
  16. Chicago, and that means we’ve got
  17. whatever you need. We’ve got typists,
  18. lawyers, accountants, sorters, packers,
  19. administrators, mechanics! You name
  20. it, and I’ve got it! And friends…
  21. You can’t do that!
  22. Why not? Forty seconds into the film
  23. you’ve got the audience by the throat!
  24. Yes… it’s a very different
  25. opening, isn’t it?