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  1. Hi, everyone.
  2. The purpose of this little newsletter
    video is just to let you know that
  3. as of the release of this video, all three
    of our task force reports are now live.
  4. And just to remind you,
  5. the task force reports came out of my
    listening tour which was last fall.
  6. Boy, it's been a fast year, but when we
    did the listening tour, we knew that there
  7. were three key themes that came from the
    listening tour that required more study.
  8. And for
    those we set these task forces up so
  9. that we could make sure that we were
    really spending the time on those.
  10. And they were part time pay, automation
    and process improvement and the third one
  11. was something that you were all very
    passionate about in the listening tour,
  12. and that's retention and enrollment.
  13. So just to give a bit of a recap,
    we formed those task forces and
  14. gave interim reports in March just
    to let you know that the committees
  15. had been formed,
    that we had our terms of reference.
  16. But really importantly, the final reports,
    we set a deadline that we'd
  17. have those final reports ready for you by
    June, and it's June, and here they are.
  18. We did put in our terms of reference,
    that for
  19. each one of the task force committees, We
    needed to have a public session, time for
  20. people to come in and
    really spend some time with us and
  21. give us their opinions, and
    you know that was really, really helpful.
  22. Certainly for me, as you know I was
    co-chair of the part time pay task
  23. force committee,
    along with Diane McCutcheon and
  24. each one of these committees had surveys
    involved, but also these town halls
  25. were live sessions where people could
    come in and give their opinions.
  26. And I'll tell you two
    things that were key to me,
  27. one was that people really wanted to come.
  28. They really wanted to talk about
    how they were feeling about
  29. if I talk about the Part-time Pay task
    force, how they were feeling about part
  30. time pay, but
    mostly about the valuing of our employees.
  31. And we actually hosted two of those
    sessions, had the results from our survey,
  32. had those results discussed by
    the task force and then open it up for
  33. I'd say a good hour long time.
  34. And I often said in the task forces
    that we can't boil the ocean,
  35. we can't solve all of the issues for
    part time pay, but
  36. what I did hear were some key findings.
  37. One of the findings was that we're
    just not communicating enough about
  38. how we hire here and how we set pay rates
    for all three of our employee groups.
  39. And also that we haven't been really
    focusing on making sure that we have
  40. a good set of scales for
    our part-time pay as well.
  41. I also heard that the comments and the
    findings and the feelings for all three
  42. employee groups were not exactly the same,
    different issues for different groups.
  43. So we've divided up the report to give
    some specific finding for each group.
  44. Back to the three task forces,
    I just want to thank everyone who helped.
  45. Those who gave your time to be members of
    the task forces for all three, I know it
  46. was a significant amount of time, and
    I truly appreciate the time that you gave.
  47. Those who gave feedback to us through
    the surveys, again, thank you.
  48. I know we get inundated
    sometimes with surveys but
  49. also those who took the time
    to come out to the town halls.
  50. So appreciated your attendance,
    your candid comments and
  51. the fact that you were there to listen to
    us as well as to give us that feedback.
  52. Well, now's the time for action and I will
    commit to action, I will say, certainly,
  53. that in all three reports there
    are actions that will be taken right away.
  54. Again, some of this requires
    more thought and as you know,
  55. we have more consultations going on now
    for our strategic planning process and
  56. we'll be building that in there as well,
    but you will see actions.
  57. I think you'll find that
    they are concrete and
  58. will make a difference and then we'll
    certainly build around these with our
  59. employee engagement
    sessions through the fall.
  60. So thanks for all of your help,
    thank you for making my first year so
  61. rewarding for me so
    that I could listen to you and find out
  62. how we can just make this absolutely
    fantastic institution even better.
  63. Thanks for listening, thanks for
    your participation and
  64. I look forward to your
    comments on the reports.
  65. Cheers.