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← If I quote another source, will I be penalized for duplicate content?

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  1. Today's question comes from the Netherlands.
  2. p3sn asks, correct quotations in Google.
  3. How can you quote correctly from different sources without
  4. getting penalized for duplicated content?
  5. Is it possible to quote and refer to the source?
  6. So let's take a couple of examples.
  7. One is you're a regular blogger,and you just want to
  8. quote an excerpt, some author you like or some other blogger
  9. who has a good insight.
  10. Just put that in a block quote, include a link to the
  11. original source, and you're in pretty good shape.
  12. If that's the sort of thing that you're doing, I would
  13. never worry about getting dinged for duplicate content.
  14. We do have good ways of detecting that sort of thing
  15. without any sort of issue at all.
  16. If, however, your idea of quoting is including an entire
  17. article from some other site, or maybe even multiple
  18. articles, and you're not doing any original content yourself,
  19. then that can affect the reputation of how
  20. we view your site.
  21. But if you're just a regular blogger, and all you're doing
  22. is here's a quote from one site, and
  23. you're adding some value.
  24. You're not just like, quote,quote, quote, quote, quote
  25. with no other ranking or attribution or insight or
  26. research or whatever.
  27. You want to have more than just two or three words,
  28. something like that.
  29. But if you're writing a blog post,
  30. and you have a paragraph.
  31. And then you include a link that points to
  32. that original source.
  33. And you talk about that, and you say why
  34. you agree or disagree--
  35. a ton of great sites.
  36. Techdirt is a site that will include a little quote, but it
  37. will give its perspective,which is unique.
  38. And so those sorts of things are completely legitimate and
  39. absolutely fine.
  40. I wouldn't worry about that.