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  1. (Interviewer) Hi, we're here
  2. with Daniel Levine, and
  3. he showed everyone
  4. his and his team's creation
  5. called the Pallette,
  6. and he was one of the more exciting entries
  7. here at the Hackaday Prize Awards Ceremony.
  8. So, if you could please tell us
  9. a little bit about you showed today?
  10. Sure. So, this is Palette.
  11. It's just some pictures of Pallette.
  12. Pallette is a tongue/computer interface.
  13. It fits like a mouthguard,
  14. and lets you use your tongue
  15. to control your surrounding technologies.
  16. Pallette uses infrared to track the tongue,
  17. so you don't have to push
  18. against the top of your mouth.
  19. The real idea behind Pallette was
  20. to try to create an assistive technology
  21. that is discreet and hidden from view
  22. and does not disrupt your identity.
  23. So, there are many different
  24. technologies that exist today.
  25. There's Eye Gaze, but you have to have
  26. a camera in front of you,
  27. and there's voice commands,
  28. which there's no privacy.
  29. So, the idea behind Pallette was to try
  30. to create a device that stays hidden
  31. and that you could control without anyone
  32. knowing that you have it.
  33. So, like a funny tagline we have for that
  34. is like telekinesis with your tongue, in a way.
  35. But this sort of is like a first push
  36. in this direction, and the hope
  37. is that this direction will...
  38. We're gonna keep on pushing it,
  39. and the hope is that
  40. these sort of interfaces will become
  41. so sleek and so unnoticeable
  42. that anyone, especially folks
  43. that really use this, folks with tetraplegia,
  44. will be able to interact
  45. with surrounding technologies,
  46. greater independence without anyone noticing
  47. and without any sort of disruptions
  48. to identity.
  49. (Interviewer) Wonderful. Have you seen
  50. people's... What's their
  51. experience been of those
  52. who have used it or?
  53. So right now, it works decently.
  54. It's surprisingly comfortable.
  55. It's a little bit big at the moment,
  56. but it fits, so, but it fits in the mouth.
  57. It's comfortable, and you can use it well.
  58. I think at the moment,
  59. people are most excited by
  60. the idea of what this can be and can become.
  61. Right now, it's like a usable prototype.
  62. (Interviewer) Okay, nice.
  63. What inspired this
  64. to you and your team, how did you?
  65. So, first, my team is like
  66. We're a bunch of friends,
  67. and we care about trying
  68. to do something good in the world,
  69. and then, there's also some, like, back stuff.
  70. I do a lot of gymnastics,
  71. and you find yourself injured sometimes,
  72. and you just appreciate being able to do
  73. a lot of thing...
  74. You appreciate being able to do
  75. what you wanna do.
  76. Like, even just being able to lift your hands normally
  77. or walk or... And I think that sort of sentiment
  78. goes through to say, like, you know,
  79. we have all this ability to create,
  80. and we have all these advancements
  81. all over the place and all these things
  82. that perhaps we don't need, you know?
  83. We should really be using our efforts
  84. to try to create things that we do need
  85. so that we can all experience life
  86. on our own terms.
  87. (Interviewer) And then, where do you
  88. expect to take this in the future?
  89. So, we created this as an open-source platform,
  90. so we put the designs on the Internet
  91. so that anyone can pick up those designs
  92. and create Pallette. We want to...
  93. The idea is that we wanted
  94. to create a community of folks that
  95. would use this to really understand
  96. the needs of... So we're not
  97. just making technology, and folks that
  98. can advance the technology
  99. and push the boundaries
  100. of what it can become
  101. to really create, like, this ideal of
  102. technology that doesn't feel like technology
  103. that could help us live
  104. more independently universally.
  105. (Interviewer) Wonderful. Thank you
  106. for sharing, and we hope you keep creating
  107. and also showing your creations to everyone.
  108. No problem.
  109. (Interviewer) All right.
  110. Thank you.
  111. (Interviewer) Take care.