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  1. [Music playing]
  2. [Our world faces many challenges.]
  3. [And humanity, moved by love and forgiveness,]
  4. [responds.]
  5. [What in the world are you doing?]
  6. I can build a center.
  7. I can build a school.
  8. I can build a clinic.
  9. It's taken so much time, commitment,
  10. energy to make it happen.
  11. Trying to address the whole food ecosystem
  12. in one project is a huge undertaking.
  13. To work together,
  14. to cry together, to pray together,
  15. and to advocate together.
  16. The joyful giving of oneself
  17. to transform other people's lives.
  18. I love them. I really love them.
  19. If you're part of an NGO or nonprofit,
  20. think about the connection between love and action in your work.
  21. Tell us how your work fosters love and forgiveness
  22. in the communities you serve,
  23. and qualify for a $25,000 award from the Fetzer Institute.
  24. [Rob Lehman, Chairman of the Board, Fetzer Institute] There's a whole invisible community
  25. that's already doing the work,
  26. and part of our role is to make that community visible.
  27. [Larry Sullivan, President and CEO, Fetzer Institute] I think they can help us round out
  28. our understanding of love and forgiveness
  29. in ways that we could not dream in a million years.
  30. So tell us: What in the world are you doing
  31. to feed more
  32. to teach more
  33. to love more?
  34. Share the story of how your NGO or nonprofit's work
  35. advances love and forgiveness in the communities you serve,
  36. and enter the competition to win $25,000
  37. to build more,
  38. to empower more,
  39. to love more.
  40. Follow the links on this page to enter the competition
  41. and to show your work to the world
  42. in our global gallery of love and forgiveness.
  43. So tell us.
  44. [Tell us.]
  45. [Tell us.]
  46. Tell us.
  47. What in the world are you doing?
  48. [www.TellUsWorld.org][Fetzer Institute]
  49. [Special thanks for video] [Various projects listed]
  50. [music playing]