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  1. As president of the board of supervisors,
  2. it is my duty to make this announcement, both Mayor Moscone
  3. and supervisor Harvey Milk have been shot and killed
  4. the suspect is supervisor Dan White.
  5. Good evening it's November 27, 1978 that was Diane Feinstein president of the San Francisoco
  6. Board of Supervisors shortly after the shooting.
  7. Tonight, much of the newscast will be devoted to reports on the tragic shootings of Mayor Moscone and
  8. Supervisor Milk. In other news Japanese Prime Minister Takayo Fukudo
  9. suffered a stunning defeat in his party's primary elections all but putting an end to his two year
  10. term. Chinese's Premier Tau Chung Ping appears to be on the verge of
  11. replacing party chairman Fung as China's Premiere.
  12. The United States Supreme Court today refused to hear an appeal by New York Time's reporter Myron Father on his
  13. 35 days jail sentence for refusing to hand over his personal notes to a New Jersey judge.
  14. But before we look at the stories, here's Lilly Franklin with a report on
  15. today's assasination in San Francisco.
  16. At 11 a.m. this morning San Francisco Mayor George Muscone and City Supervisor
  17. Harvey Milk were shot and killed in their city hall offices.
  18. Board of Supervisor's Dianne Feinstein who now becomes acting mayor of San Francisco, made the announcement
  19. to a stunned group in City Hall. Dan White has turned himself
  20. into police and is now under 24 hour suicide surveillance. The motive for the killing
  21. was apparently a personal vendetta. This morning Moscone was to hold a
  22. press conference to announce the appointment of a supervisor to fill White's position. White
  23. had resigned from the board earlier this month claiming that the salary was inadequate for him to support his family.
  24. Later he changed his mind and asked to have the position back. Though Moscone had the
  25. option to reappoint White, a conservative voice on the board, the mayor had expressed
  26. interest in several other candidates. The motives for the Moscone shooting are clear; the
  27. death of supervisor Harvey Milk is more of a mystery. Milk was a political
  28. opponent of White's, an outspoken liberal and the first avowed gay candidate on the board.
  29. Harvey Milk was not in favor of reappointing White to his position. Both White
  30. and Milk were elected at the same time during district elections last year. While San
  31. Francisco officials are in a state of shock, thousands of quiet mourners have brought flowers for Mayor George
  32. Muscone and supervisor Harvey Milk to the steps of City Hall. For
  33. Pacifica in Berkeley this is Lily Franklin. We'll have more details on the background of Dan
  34. White coming up shortly in the news. But first, here is a statement by Mel Wax,
  35. the mayor's press secretary in City Hall shortly after the shooting.
  36. There was a meeting this morning, Dan White, former
  37. Supervisor, came into see the mayor. He was admitted into see him,
  38. in the mayor's office, the two of them were in there along
  39. in the back room. We heard shots. Supervisor
  40. White, we were unaware that the shots were coming from the back room.
  41. and we were unaware that they were shots at the time. Supervisor White
  42. walked out the backdoor and I'm informed some people have seen him
  43. we went into the mayor and
  44. the Mayor was dead. That was followed by a
  45. statement by by Dianne Feinstein who in her capacity as acting mayor of San Francisco
  46. proclaimed state of mourning in the city. Today, San Francisco has suffered
  47. a double tragedy of incredible proportions. in the loss of
  48. our beloved mayor, George Muscone, and Harvey Milk. As
  49. President of the board of Supervisors I'll recess the 2 PM
  50. meeting of the board pending further call of the chair. As acting mayor,
  51. I rule an immediate state of mourning in our city for the loss of our
  52. mayor and our supervisor. The city and county of San Francisco
  53. must and will pull together at this time. The
  54. chronology of events as far as we know was this:
  55. Shortly after 11 a.m. former supervisor Dan White met with Muscone in his office in City Hall.
  56. Allegedly, there was a short argument between the two then White pulled a gun and shot Muscow.
  57. He then walked to is office where he allegedly shot and killed Harvey Milk.
  58. It is still being disputed as to whether he summoned Milk to his office or found him there.
  59. San Francisco city hall has a special metal detector near the front door, but
  60. supervisors often come in through the basement using a special key. This was the route that White took
  61. both in and out of the building so his gun was not detected. After the shooting, he left
  62. in his car somehow getting through a police corden police issued reports for the car.
  63. White, however, soon turned himself in. Daniel James White
  64. Harvey Milk self a former supervisor a former firefighter and former police mint
  65. Richmond is also former military paratrooper who served in Vietnam is 32
  66. is 32 years old married and has a 5 month old son he was Captain D's high school football
  67. high school football and baseball teams and adjectives like meritorious excellent an umbrella
  68. unblemished found his career in till November 10th of 1977 when he was on
  69. where is on his seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors Rob waters of the people's media collective
  70. Media collective research the events which followed white resignation and hears his report
  71. tragedy in San Francisco City Hall what's the climax of a series of events
  72. which actually begin on November 10th unexpected announcement by then supervisor dan white
  73. dan white San Francisco Board of Supervisors
  74. the time what city was not making enough money 9600 gallery year
  75. Dollar Tree your supervisor salary and therefore had the first time fast food stand
  76. 39 to bring in extra income San Francisco need full time let's
  77. supervisor should have a full time salary white said
  78. at the time I said he was done and have high praises for what 1060
  79. then 6 days later what city is mine and wanted to set back
  80. return a letter of resignation the City Attorney's Office top 10 things to remember
  81. things to remember problems with my resignation that they would have to stay to question
  82. what is the wanted his seat back to press conference define representative of the police officer
  83. the police officers Association and real estate firm
  84. is unclear exactly what causes white with have to get it back
  85. the saddest Family Dollar in financial assistance what is the cost
  86. what is it called when is home district what was i buy something like this
  87. this the real estate not want to go to vote on the board
  88. wait wait to stay on licence district district
  89. Airport is reinstatement the rally in Visitacion Valley
  90. station Valley on the 60 which way to shut up a 10 to the interrupters activities
  91. activities really work and I just called when a dictator and said they wanted my appointment
  92. report someone else last Tuesday near Moscone step back from your private area
  93. 3.1 many complaints against wifi residence at the district
  94. 2071 ounces to fish in on the Medicus morning Kansas report
  95. reappointment seem to gross lumber
  96. letter to Senator need to work add note claiming that his reported resignation
  97. resignation letter to my Sony with not legally affected because it was submitted to Moscone
  98. rather than the Clerk of the Court supervisor what's letter as
  99. as an innovative but not accurate finally mammoth
  100. press conference for this morning at 1130 what he was doing now to the point
  101. that's ever happened to San Francisco people
  102. people collect the last night KCBS radio reporter Barbara Taylor Caldwell
  103. Taylor called white for his reaction to reports at Moscone told associates you plant a name
  104. you plant a name Don her and she is white replacement Taylor said white teen taken aback
  105. making a back that he had heard from there and then he hung up on her she also said that he seem quite desperate
  106. desperate KPFA is begun investigating what Rob waters termed community activist
  107. the activist charges of realty interest involvement in white decision to try to retain his super
  108. teen supervisorial seat to Realtors representative white press conference were pyramids
  109. pyramid Realty in Caldwell Coldwell Banker we ask Coldwell Banker vice president Ray Brown
  110. Ray Brown to explain his connection to white in his presence at whites press conference
  111. why was there I list Realtors
  112. ass and my reaction
  113. today's probably a chemical everyone else in Spanish police
  114. Angus police why was the Board of Realtors interested in the Dan White staying on the border
  115. staying on the border supervisor I can speak
  116. can to notice I was interested
  117. is a person Brown michael Baker not border Realtors
  118. what's a good person because you said you'd been there for the Board of Realtors
  119. weird work together in the past
  120. Mega Millions Accord is my chest
  121. Gordos much is a background data
  122. standing supervisor
  123. wanted to know the supervisors is my 2
  124. licenses much is we could see me now you can have legislation real estate
  125. didn't seem to consult with anybody with any decisions made recently
  126. sign in
  127. I just was the people affected by
  128. really find it hard to believe
  129. that was Realty vice president Ray Brown coming on
  130. I'm coming on his relationship to Dan white man while the reactions to the depths of Moscone in Harvey
  131. Moscone in Harvey Milk have left people in a state of shock and a spare right after the shootings
  132. the shootings many were primarily stunned by the loss of a close personal friend
  133. Assemblymember Willie Brown I lost a friend
  134. crying last hour I lost my closest person
  135. special friend I lost a family friend
  136. Gina lost husband in one of my voice loss of father son
  137. is no way all in one
  138. decent people in politics George Moscone was one of the few individual
  139. individuals in the political arena response as a human being have a politician
  140. bourbon Donnelly was so badly shaken by the news that women first call came in for
  141. call came in from the Press you broke up into tears in with unable to talk Stanley was a very close friend
  142. very close friend Moscone to swell is a strong political allies Harvey Milk's eventually
  143. Benchley here getting enough composure to say this about the shootings drug bust is it
  144. is it to San Francisco what the entire nation
  145. supposed to last me and I will go to have breakfast in Friday
  146. I think what is this point I need for a Cause Colorado understandable
  147. 10 of the political processes and now that the politics is a knot
  148. Texas A&M national asset fund anymore American
  149. Temecula close with him on the third wheel coalition Ohio
  150. Ohio courageous men and a truck me to be tolerant about gays
  151. gays in to be talking about the society as a whole and I lost it
  152. lost to the tremendous tragedy to the people
  153. the people if you can floor Mart on society but the tragic death of these two cents
  154. these to San Francisco Fishel's represented a tremendous public law says well his helmet
  155. here's Helen Miscavige with a report on Moscone career George Moscone became
  156. become the mayor of San Francisco just two years ago he won election in a close race with San Francisco
  157. San Francisco supervisor John barber gelato in November of 1976
  158. Moscone hadn't heard politics in 1963 as a second youngest person ever elected to the San Fran
  159. elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors at the age of 30 33 years later he defeated Superbowl
  160. defeated supervisor Leo McCarthy now Speaker of the State Assembly in a race for state senator
  161. senator Estate Center Mosconi gave her now for sponsoring progressive legislation
  162. bills on abortion and marijuana reform after being elected mayor of San Francisco Moscone of wood
  163. what did many of the trappings of that office including a personal bodyguard but he did have metal
  164. did have metal detectors install the public entrances to City Hall after man with a gun with a Reston
  165. arrest office in April of 1977 do politicians
  166. attention to generally friendly likeable man by his administration was not without of Shadows
  167. does recently he was charged with accepting a check for $10000 from Howard Hughes States
  168. States to for the interests of Hughes airwest Airlines and Moscone was really criticize
  169. really criticize the point mint last year Reverend Jim Jones is head of the cities Housing Authority
  170. slackers Alton Joseph Kony the post shortly afterwards Jones left for Guiana
  171. can a man convinced the Johnsons decent caring person and the Peoples Temple
  172. temple what were the establishment of the depths of Congress member Leo Ryan and others Indiana
  173. Indiana reach Moscone here's what he had to say
  174. in retrospect it seems that as mayor Moscone never
  175. Muscatine ever really emerge from the shadow of his predecessor Joe Alioto during his two years in office
  176. she was frustrated by Board of Supervisors at least as powerful as mayor's office if not more so
  177. if not more so skinny with fairing well he did faces series challenge
  178. challenging supervisors Quinton cop whether or not he would have survived a challenge Muscogee did have a Break lyrics
  179. have a break clinical future one that ended today with 3 gun shots for Pacifica I'm having a miscarriage
  180. Harvey Milk was the first of valkas supervisor to serve in the city
  181. Irvine city and Predictably the reaction in the gay community to his death is grief stricken
  182. grief stricken an outrage your spell appalled ri with a report
  183. that was Harvey Milk as meal at last spring 7th annual gay Freedom Day Parade in San Francisco
  184. San Francisco how many steps a day is left the city shocked in horrified the loss of a deer
  185. the loss with your friend a neighbor greatest leader of the People San Francisco
  186. Harvey was the first openly gay elected official in California the first game
  187. the first gained public recognition in the early 70's as an outspoken Defender case freek a leek
  188. freak a leak in front of police harassment in official disdain in 3 on successful races
  189. access for races for public office gradually build a coalition of gays minorities and women
  190. and women with a poke directly to the issues of human rights for all disadvantage people
  191. before the Democratic Party machine in San Francisco CA establishment to finally won election
  192. Election Board of Supervisors in November of 1977 working on the border
  193. this past year became a national spokesperson the fight against Senator John Briggs anti-gay school
  194. anti gay school teachers initiative proposition 6 today I spoke with Tom on the idea of San
  195. san Francisco's gay teachers coalition does the Jewish camp
  196. Jewish temple magnificent in Harvey
  197. Harvey because he was a job because he was a ####
  198. where was here with breaks into the system that Mentalist
  199. Mentalist Angela Harvey with billions and that star
  200. planted in the sky at night is going to shine for a long time how many in the gay community
  201. community tonight seem to be convinced the Harvey was murdered because he was gay the rest of us can only one
  202. can only wonder way to go from here I spoke with neighbor of Harveys this afternoon on Castro Street
  203. Castro Street it doesn't have to be a law
  204. coming from Harvey everyday and every one of us has with
  205. with what we have to do with Simon and use it
  206. everyday I'm at a loss Pacifica
  207. Pacifica Radio in Berkeley this is Philip Marie reporting there will be a Mar tonight
  208. Mar tonight to commemorate the death of Moscone in Harvey Milk that will start
  209. that will start at about 830 on Castro and 15th Street at the intersection
  210. the intersection there and out the mourners will make a way to City Hall and a word 5
  211. vice to bring candles so that's tonight at 8:30 at 15th and Castro
  212. Castro and we do have a report um which is not officially confirmed
  213. confirmed but nonetheless it seems rather like it is probably true that
  214. true that Moscone is body would like in state apparently beginning tomorrow in the city
  215. in the City Hall rotunda there will be a memorial service at noon on Wednesday the 29th
  216. the 29th and a rosary service will be set at St Marys at 5 p.m. On Wednesday
  217. I'm on Wednesday evening and word is that the funeral will be on Thursday the 30th and
  218. yes and I the status for mayor Moscone of Harveys funeral has
  219. has has not yet the arrangement of not yet been completed because we did get a word from
  220. get a word from Carroll Road Silver that he wanted a non denominational type of a funeral
  221. funeral um but we have to report a press conference is afternoon who found something out of
  222. found something out about that so we will have any information on behind News Tonight beginning at 645
  223. at 645 and will be back with more news in a minute
  224. news about the Johnstown
  225. Johnstown suicides in movies whatever you want to call it State Department City Washington today
  226. Washington today SPECT survivors of the Peoples Temple suicide minutes to return home from Georgetown
  227. from Georgetown tomorrow I have a decision as to which Jonestown survivors will return to the US
  228. 10 to the US rests with the guy in knees with given no sign when century
  229. when century 10 will be admitted meanwhile at 230 FBI agents
  230. Bihn sway to the Charleston Air Force Base today to question the Rita knees Us
  231. Denny's US attorney Thomas lighting repair to file charges against any of the members
  232. are the members who might have had a part in killing Congressman Paul Ryan attorney said
  233. US Attorney said Ryan's Medicare prosecuted only by federal authorities
  234. remember about that that supported suicide note that was found on a river
  235. Reverend Jim Jones body well that was not a suicide note if I live with a note written by
  236. what is Johns add members of the people have dimples temple note to read
  237. red dad I see no way out I agree with your decision I fear on the back without you
  238. without you the world may not make it to communism from iPod I am
  239. I'm tired of this red suit missalice planet Homes for Sale many messages
  240. the masses of beautiful people thank you for the only life I have known find me the dad in the sea
  241. dad in the side note was Jim Jones seem like to be referred to that way
  242. when the FBI did not release the name of the person who signed bat note
  243. what is the tuition in Jonestown Road still closed another movements for me here
  244. swimming here in the United States 815 member body of Baptist ministers how to press conference
  245. the press conference in San Francisco to announce the support of those survivors on the Jonestown tragedy
  246. tragedy as well as providing assistance for the dead is Wendell haka with details
  247. details a conference of Baptist ministers are conducting a fundraising Drive
  248. raising drive to provide financial assistance for relatives of those who died Indiana
  249. as well as the survivors of Jonestown tragedy according to Baptist minister spokesperson
  250. the spokesperson Reverend Amazon brownside financial assistance will be provided for those who made
  251. who made the most Berlin transportation assistance will be provided for someone to downtown
  252. downtown Battle of survivors according to brown ground federal a 15 member Baptist
  253. teen member Baptist ministers conference to play the track in a woodchuck could Indiana are not pointing up
  254. finger at anyone from knocked up
  255. concerned about the floor
  256. any of the Christian Church
  257. what does not do in a compassionate humane way
  258. are the people
  259. live
  260. yeah we feel about the end result of the band
  261. supporting Westlife
  262. the Peoples Temple says Brown the entire country is directly responsible for
  263. disponible for what happened in Jonestown Brown said I ever got the minister's group is not
  264. is not interested investigating the situation and Rihanna the first according to Brownsville
  265. round should be to put the tragedy behind us and from moving ahead KPFA ash brown
  266. Brown is he thought the role of the Peoples Temple have been misunderstood by the press and the US
  267. and the US not an anesthetic communication
  268. we must see that in addition to a meeting people for money
  269. you must be today need is to feel better
  270. circumstance why you have money I don't have money you still have the will to live
  271. another day is life in spite of circumstances of life the minister's
  272. the minister's groups evolve churches they represent on collecting money for assistance to vote
  273. distance to those involved in a truck the group is also looking into the possibility of hell
  274. ability of having the body's transfer to the west coast this is 1/2 of a KPFA news
  275. news Richard Nixon grace the world today with some profound insight into the nature of America
  276. nature of American society the way to tell me with out of the country in Paris in fact
  277. rip rap season this into a little cafe Denny's hear you said that the events in Johnstown should not be
  278. down should not be seen as a reflection on American society on the Society of the Westy said that
  279. Westie said that Johns with very insane what is a Phoenix Sandwich ROM
  280. what is fathers in Texas with sweater searching for something and I think that throughout the world today people have a new
  281. people have any to believe in something to have faith and you're listening to the KPFA
  282. KPFA Evening News with Louis rebirth and Lily Franklin
  283. japan's Prime Minister Kentucky Fukuda Centurion
  284. essentially and it is to your terms Prime Minister today surprising upset for could I love
  285. who could I lost the wing liberal Democratic Party's primary elections to a former for minister enqi
  286. Minister and current party secretary Musashi Ohhira there's not much difference between the two
  287. difference between the two candidates on major issues accepted Ohhira has a moderate position
  288. mission on the critical issue of nuclear energy and Rihanna ment of Japan Brenda Wilson
  289. Brenda Wilson has the details early predictions indicated that you're with
  290. what is caning in support Japanese embassy who predicted to win the election
  291. election 1001 including for self
  292. this is the first time the ruling Liberal Democratic Party has had open election
  293. directions to the party membership in Parliament
  294. Parliament Alexis Prime Minister this Friday for the sake of party unity
  295. who says he'll step down and get over here post battle for the party presidency
  296. thank the president automatically becomes Prime Minister actually abroad collection of
  297. collection of political forces the power battle is played out of the Liberal Democrat
  298. the Liberal Democratic Party and who is the green light mean
  299. prime minister tanaka to resign in disgrace after he was
  300. after he was charged with accepting bribes from the Lockheed Corporation
  301. the show
  302. again
  303. Washington correspondent for a token a permit to O'Hare
  304. still here in just one
  305. just won the primaries
  306. buying support Experteer
  307. difference between a hero and greater than
  308. greater Friendship is pan
  309. can treating with a cane on Oceana
  310. Oceana diplomatic relations in 1972
  311. is expected in us to pan relation to carry on
  312. what is coming into a balance of trade favorable to the penis
  313. penis in the ruling party socialist and communist party
  314. local elections over the past 15 years unable to win a victory
  315. victory on Washington in a minute
  316. Amnesty International today fuse tryna of systematically repressing political dissent
  317. sent through social Centurion president mental torture and execution
  318. Amnesty International best mage report on China and credit official Chinese documents in
  319. documents indicating that the number punished for political dissent run into the millions since 19
  320. since 1949 reportages and its with a repeal on Lawrence prescribe
  321. prescribing administrative a criminal punishment for the non violent expression of the leaf
  322. report says North Alice Lee wouldn't have been interpreted morning
  323. the meaning large scale imprisonment on medical grounds meanwhile in Chinese self
  324. Chinese South week after the fist won't post is appearing Peking criticizing chairman mouth of Florida
  325. Larry of new posters of a period China Piers to be in the midst of new IP vote
  326. evil in support of its mine ization program led by the ones discredited donk shopping
  327. donk shopping is Robert Manning with the story 7000 Chinese demonstrated
  328. is demonstrated in downtown picking today as more posters continue to appear on paintings Main Street
  329. Main Street in what animals are saying is the biggest outpouring of popular criticisms
  330. this is a mother tongue launch the hundred Flowers campaign 21 years ago
  331. years ago servers in taking report an unprecedented new movie of openness insurance
  332. open this in curiosity photos of being stopped in the streets and asked about human rights democracy
  333. rights to my Chrissy and life in the United States perhaps most amazingly posters
  334. posters have appeared praising the United States expressing open in the of Taiwan
  335. 2011 poster said the US is the most developed country in the world has developed
  336. has developed because it has no idols North superstitions another poster asks
  337. why can't our national economy catch up with that of Taiwan the meaning
  338. the meaning of the new poster campaign is not yet clear but appears obvious that the outpouring
  339. the outpouring of popular protest at least text Lisa Porter by the government
  340. so the posters of college for done shopping replace wild west song is premiere
  341. speculation but then maybe promoted however damn self talk to visit in
  342. visiting American journalist today Indian offer the Premiership but rejected because it is a
  343. because of his age then sharp pain in his 70's and he said he would rather focus is energy
  344. Chinese rapid modernization program Macedon self
  345. has been one of the main targets of the poster campaign 19 criticized for being mistaken
  346. Steak N Shake 1007 Model 70 percent right and 30 percent wrong
  347. wrong button shopping center of the criticisms of mountain got a bit overboard
  348. overboard defended mouth saying that every Chinese knows that without chairman mouth
  349. would be no new China the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee met over
  350. Committee met over the weekend and observers expect changes to be announced in top Chinese leadership
  351. ship for Pacifica this is Robert Manning
  352. President Carter will meet with Egyptian Prime Minister Mustafa Khalil in Washington tomorrow
  353. the latest attempt to record at La Quinta Peachtree talks between Israel and Egypt
  354. Egypt does toxin going on for 7 weeks and major stumbling block is still the issue
  355. till the issue of Palestinian self rule Egypt want a specific time table on the Palestinian
  356. Palestinian question included in the treaty with Israel has refused to be tied down to any time table
  357. timetable R Us proposal is on the table at Woodlake and chips in Israeli peace treaty
  358. peace treaty to elections on the Westbank of the Jordan River and the Gaza Strip by the end of
  359. 1979 is proposal has received favorable treatment by Gyptian pressed and maybe
  360. and maybe being written in the Draft redo the president Sadat is working on at the moment
  361. moment Israeli prime minister Menachem bacon says he will only come to Washington to sign a peace treaty
  362. signed a peace treaty not to reopen negotiations
  363. President Carter declaring that no aspect of government will be sacred 107
  364. 717 the nation's top 10 ebony toes today that the next federal budget will be very very
  365. very very tight and that they would have to exercise restraint to help fight inflation
  366. call it was speaking to the Board of Directors of the National League of Cities and tell them that minutes
  367. military spending will be scrutinized s company as domestic programs this is something new coming
  368. something new coming from car does not indicate which part of the military budget would be cut White House official
  369. official the closet business and that military spending would not be kind of car did say that the domestic
  370. domestic Badgett would be caught without starving useful programs
  371. United States Supreme Court today made what may become a landmark 9 rolling
  372. non rolling today by refusing to hear an appeal by New York Times reporter Myron Pharma
  373. Pharma feeling is sentencing to 55 days in jail for if using to hand over
  374. hand over his personal notes to a New Jersey judge father was released from jail
  375. when the trial is Dr Mario yes college ended today Supreme Court ruling means at the end
  376. means that the issue of never be settled by the father was in fact protected by the First Amendment
  377. amendment in his refusal to hand over his notes pharmacy today I went to the
  378. the Supreme Court has the cord is last resort it makes you think and Times publish a office
  379. Lisa off at Oaks Salzburger Amanda Court my Sunday address itself to the critical
  380. the critical issues raised by phone case 25 states including New Jersey have SoCal
  381. I have so cold shield laws protect reporters from having too revealing sources
  382. Southbury said it would seem simple logic that before reporting goes to jail
  383. sale in the time space fines at the be a hearing to determine whether the shield law Israel
  384. what is real homemade paper mache South Bend have to wait until the Supreme Court is ready
  385. what is ready to handle is sensitive issue Henry Jackson medical US senators
  386. US senators in running mate a representative to propose new salt treaty salt 2
  387. salt 2 could it road Americas ability to defend Europe Jackson told the military
  388. old Military Committee of tornadoes simply at Moscow high arm still suggest that sodium
  389. yes that's Soviet leaders want to broad military advantage over Western countries Jacksonville news
  390. Jacksonville news conference later if they wanna throw weather opportunity to have the protection of a strong America
  391. the strong American umbrella which is the main to turn that is of course up to them
  392. up to them if you been following the news accounts of the House committees investigation investigation
  393. investigation into the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr and you may know that the comedian
  394. the committee is purported enGenius way to a conspiracy allegation when a dog is Benji
  395. dog is that James Earl Ray kill Martin Luther King how many halves with his family's help
  396. is help today the committee Richard minutes if that's where it's investigation is headed tonight I'm behind
  397. tonight I'm behind News mighty golden will be fighting and in depth report on the assassination hearings
  398. hearing stats tonight at 645 Seppi's tuning then and finally
  399. finally here in Berkeley 38 students use an anion last at June in Sproul Hall
  400. Brown Hall to protest University investments in South Africa have been found guilty by Abra
  401. fire Berkeley Committee on Student Conduct recommend a chance the Balkan that the students
  402. students be given nothing West and an official reprimand which would appear in the students
  403. in the students file Dr is not bound by the committees finding send it means to be seen in the world
  404. Tennessee will conquer occurrence at previous me that he thinks that students should be punished
  405. 9040 municipal courts with let them off to EZ Pass summit student CNN
  406. students at Falcon will take stronger action committee recommends Sebastian 7 weeks
  407. 7 week or two to wait for Balkans final choice and then face criminal proceedings in mid
  408. mid December about wrap it up for the evening news the weather today
  409. weather today at fairs through tomorrow Wednesday actually except for local dance 5
  410. local dense fog and low clouds late night and in the morning in the San Joaquin Valley
  411. after Wednesday with variable fog locally dance at night and in the morning
  412. and in the mornings Heaven's Gate Bridge Boston Yves Denver Alan Cumming
  413. Ellen come on and I'm sure a lot of other people help to put together a newscaster 9000 is sad tragic day
  414. tragic day in San Francisco Ali has something to say I understand
  415. we just got a message that the market we mention earlier Auto memory
  416. autumn emarate mayor Moscone and supervisor Harvey Milk there will be a memorial arch tonight
  417. large tonight and that is leaving I believe it 830 from 18th and Castro
  418. can't and Castro Street and people are allergic to bring candles with him and I'll be going
  419. and I'll be going from 18th and Castro down to City Hall thanks for listening I'm with me
  420. Franklin I'm very good evening KPFA RKP
  421. Psar KPFT in Berkeley in KFC F in Fresno sponsored radio for Northern and Central
  422. northern and central California