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  1. I live here near the "Rio de la Plata" coast, at the northern part of the Buenos Aires Province.
  2. Specifically, in San Isidro, and we have all of the river shore, which is very rich in vegetation.
  3. Plants that are very related to the water, such as the cane, the reeds and the wicker.
  4. Walking along the shore I can find them. I specifically look for them and the plants are there.
  5. I don't cut the plants. I take the waste, the plants that dry up and fall are ideal so I can recycle them.
  6. Everything has to do with one's roots, therefore it's connected with the water, the river and the boats.
  7. I grew up in this area, so that is part of my life and I think that is reflected in my work too.
  8. In general I use vegetable fibers, cane and all kinds of waste.
  9. These are the most suitable materials, which I always found available and easy to reach.
  10. They're not things that I had to go to a store and buy. Rather, I find them.
  11. I also have some people that can access materials, my neighbors, who know about my recycling.
  12. They make sure to ring my doorbell when they fix up their gardens, and give me their waste.