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  1. It is currently argued that 3000 of the world's 6000 or so languages
  2. would be lost by the end of the 21st century through the erosion of oral traditions in language.
  3. It can be further argued that digital technology contributes to this erosion
  4. but can it also offer the opportunity to record a culture's heritage in oral, visual and literary forms?
  5. Nepal, according to the last census, has about 92 different language groups - ethnic groups -
  6. and out of these 92, only four or five would have a written tradition
  7. so most of these other languages would be a
  8. language with an oral tradition
  9. Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya was established about 60 years ago - so the initial mandate was to sort of
  10. promote and preserve the Nepali language
  11. and it has now sort of become the official legal deposit library in the country
  12. The reason NPP moved into technology was about ten years ago
  13. and we wanted to automate our catalogue records
  14. and then we found out that the problem
  15. was that whatever software was used
  16. did not have support for the script that the Nepali language uses
  17. they've done the script and we've tried different options
  18. private vendors, universities and nothing
  19. it could not work. And so we thought that we would try it ourselves
  20. to give an example, we had to start from scratch like uh [unclear] for English is taken for granted, grammmar is taken for granted
  21. but none of they existed, so to develop [unclar] we had to collect the vocabulary of nepaly words
  22. that in itself is a lot of work
  23. [unclear]
  24. that is about 200 titles
  25. the proper scanner to do it, we will not be able to afford and mantain [unclear]