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    And in Buenos Aires itself there is a work of which Cristina is very proud.
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    Cristina is a very comitted artist.
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    Having survived the generation of the 70s,
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    I believe I am alive in order to be able to speak about those things.
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    I had the idea to put all 144 so that they would be present.
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    I have an iron sculpture which, for me, is one
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    I made it with sound, because with the wind the pipes bang together.
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    I tried to deal with the subject not from the point of view of death, but of life.
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    I used materials such as stainless steel because I associated it with them,
  10. Nesynchronizované
    In order to work on the subject of memory
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    In this country there was a military dictatorship, and a guild,
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    It marks a rather important point in my life as an artist,
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    She has collaborated in various public art projects
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    So I wanted to make it as glorious as possible.
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    So that's why, from that,
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    as if they were made of steel, rustproof with time.
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    from the possibility I was given of making suck a work of art,
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    in places as diverse as Ecuador, Brazil and Cuba.
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    it's a sculpture I made for the 144 missing people.
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    it's as if my existence is justified, don't you think?
  21. Nesynchronizované
    of the most important and significant works of my life.
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    the Association of State Employees, wanted to make a monument to its missing members.