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  1. Cristina is a truly commited artist.
  2. She has collaborated on several public art projects
  3. in places as different as Ecuador, Brazil and Cuba
  4. And here in Buenos Aires you will find a piece of work which Christina is very proud of.
  5. I have a sculpture in iron that for me
  6. is one of the most important and significant works of my life.
  7. In a way it marks a very important point in my life as an artist
  8. because it is a sculpture that I dedicated to the 144 missing people.
  9. In this country we lived under a military dictatorship, and a union,
  10. The Association of State Workers, wanted to build a monument to the missing.
  11. I tried to reflect the theme of their disappearance, not from the perspective of death but from life
  12. so I wanted to make it as glorious as I could.
  13. I used stainless steel because I associated it with them,
  14. as if they were steel, untarnished by time.
  15. I incorporated sound into it, so that when the wind blows the pipes strike each other
  16. to create the theme of their memory
  17. I had the idea of placing 144 of these so that they were all represented.
  18. Having survived the 1970's
  19. I believe I am alive to be able to express these things.
  20. It is as though, because of this,
  21. I have been given the opportunity to create a work such as this,
  22. it is as though I have a raison d'etre, you see ?