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← Regards of the Editors of Lingua for Global Voices in Spanish

Regards of the Editors of Lingua for Global Voices in Spanish

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  1. It's the last day of
  2. the Global Voices Summit
  3. I want to introduce someone
  4. who I respect a lot
  5. It's because of him that Global Voices Lingua exists
  6. Hello
  7. Please say something to our
  8. Lingua Spanish volunteers.
  9. Okay.
  10. The Lingua Spanish Team is
  11. at the moment the model for
  12. all of Lingua's Global Voices sites
  13. to follow
  14. Actually, they're doing too well.
  15. They're outshining the rest of us.
  16. I admire what Juan and everyone has done
  17. As the editor of Global Voices China
  18. I really look forward to
  19. working with you
  20. in the future
  21. And I hope that all the different branches
  22. of Global Voices have
  23. more cooperation
  24. I really look forward to meeting
  25. you all one day
  26. If you come to Asia
  27. or to my hometown Taiwan
  28. Please do let me know.
  29. Hola! (laugh)
  30. Gracias! (laugh)
  31. This is Paula
  32. Our Lingua girl
  33. The girl most-loved by translators
  34. in our community
  35. Hello Paula
  36. Say what you want to say to
  37. the people of Global Voices Spanish
  38. I would say Lingua lady, not Lingua girl.
  39. I've visited Global Voices
  40. What impresses me is how huge and
  41. amazing Global Voices Spanish is.
  42. Now we are even bigger
  43. than Global Voices English
  44. The next summit will a summit on
  45. Global Voices Spanish
  46. I hope we can even bring more peoople
  47. next time
  48. Love you guys.
  49. And thank you ever so much
  50. for all that you do
  51. every translation
  52. and every word you translate.
  53. Thank you.
  54. Thank you Paula.
  55. And now we're going to talk
  56. with Johari
  57. Johari is the brain of Lingua
  58. Johari
  59. What do you want to say to the Spanish Lingua Team
  60. Say it outloud?
  61. So...
  62. I would like to say
  63. that i´m very proud of the
  64. Spanish Lingua community
  65. I'd like to thank you for your contributions
  66. I always look forward to more contributions
  67. from the Spanish community
  68. as I'm also learning Spanish
  69. I would also look forward to seeing more works
  70. not just translations
  71. So thank you for all that you do.
  72. Thank you Johari.
  73. Now I present
  74. Deborah
  75. who's in charge of
  76. Lingua Portuguese
  77. Hello Deborah
  78. A greeting to all the people of Lingua Spanish Team
  79. Hello
  80. Thank you for all that you do
  81. It´s incredible how productive
  82. and active you are in our community
  83. And we will like that you were
  84. here, all together
  85. But as it´s not possible
  86. I send a greeting
  87. and I hope that we take many
  88. good things from this
  89. together as a community
  90. (kiss) Kisses.
  91. Bye
  92. Thank you
  93. And here we are with Claire
  94. The editor of Global Voices French
  95. Please, Claire
  96. Do you want to say something to the
  97. Global Voices Spanish team?
  98. Of course.
  99. Hello
  100. to everybody
  101. I´m Claire
  102. I´m in Cebú with Juan
  103. Your beloved Leader
  104. I would love to say hi
  105. and give you a "bisou" a kiss on the cheek
  106. to each one of you
  107. Why? Because we are latin.
  108. And that makes all the difference
  109. Wherever you are in South America
  110. in Europe
  111. or in any part of the world
  112. I think that the Spanish group
    and the French group
  113. will all over the world be friends.
  114. Thank you Claire.