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  1. Hi, we are shooting
  2. this video for Ability Corps from
  3. the COAF Smart Center, where
  4. we recently opened COAF Smart Center,
  5. which was opened on May 27th,
  6. just a month ago, and this is COAF's
  7. most recent initiative for
  8. the development of rural areas.
  9. Since it is COAF's approach and we all
  10. believe in it that becoming or coming
  11. closer to the villages and working
  12. within the villages is how we can
  13. support and how we can deliver
  14. the technology, the information, and
  15. the new solutions, let's say,
  16. to these people.
  17. Usually, technology centers,
  18. educational centers, training centers
  19. are concentrated in bigger cities,
  20. bigger towns, giving, let's say,
  21. opportunities and chances for
  22. the children there, but this is
  23. unprecedented from that perspective
  24. that we have come as close to the villages
  25. as possible to make sure that the
  26. kids in the villages can also
  27. take advantage of this opportunities.
  28. COAF was established in 2003, started its
  29. activities in Armenia then,
  30. and after working for more over 14 years
  31. with the different types of schools and
  32. kindergartens and communities in
  33. all the areas of Armenia, we have decided
  34. to create a center of our own,
  35. which is the Smart Center, to make sure
  36. that we can implement all these types of
  37. programs and activities which are needed
  38. and necessary, let's say, for addressing
  39. the needs in the rural communities.