Colorblind :Rethinking Race (2012)

Colorblind :Rethinking Race (2012)

Do we really live in a colorblind society? The Emmy Award winning documentary, Colorblind: Rethinking Race, examines institutional racism in health, wealth, education and the justice system.

Many Americans maintain that racism is dead. Those who support this claim of a post-racial society offer strong evidence, with the indisputable proof of our progress, the election of Barack Obama. But racism has evolved, it has morphed from blatant brutality to more subtle subjugation. Today's racism is manifest through stark differences in wealth, health, education and justice.

In COLORBLIND we reveal places where racism hides & how it is being aggressively challenged.
For years, we have talked about racism and healing, but until we understand the root of racism, examine its origins and confront the history, we can never get to a place of healing. We must rethink race on both a personal and institutional level if we are to heal our collective wounds.

Featuring Michelle Alexander, author of "The New Jim Crow," anti-racism activist and writer,Tim Wise and others. Hosted and narrated by Regina Taylor.
Original music by Orbert Davis.

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