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  1. Hi everyone, it's Cheryl.
  2. I'm your President, and
  3. I'm doing a bit of a newsletter here to
    talk about our employee engagement survey.
  4. First of all, I want to thank
    you very much for participating.
  5. We had a really good response rate
    from all of our campuses, and
  6. I'm really, really pleased about that.
  7. There's a lot of data for
    you to go through, but
  8. I hope you will take a few minutes and
    go through the results.
  9. The numbers really do
    reflect the large number of
  10. engaged employees that
    we have at the college.
  11. We were at 60% employee engagement, and
  12. that's really a significant improvement
    over the last survey that we ran in 2012.
  13. So thank you very much, first of all,
    for answering it so we get significant
  14. numbers, and for showing that
    our employee engagement is high.
  15. In fact,
  16. we're ahead of most post-secondary
    institution in employee engagement.
  17. By 2%, but we are ahead.
  18. And that's really a good marker for
  19. us to take a look at as other
    post-secondary institutions.
  20. We've had some discussion, of course,
    at President's Council about this and
  21. with the College Leadership Team.
  22. The next really important discussion
    is with your dean, your director,
  23. or your department or unit head about
    the specific results in your own area and
  24. those results are going to
    be given to you very soon.
  25. We're going to have, after,
    of course, June fourth, town hall,
  26. you will have some time in the Spring to
    take a look at those results, and then
  27. your manager is going to be talking to
    you about those I would say, late Spring.
  28. But more likely through the late Summer,
  29. back in the Fall when we're all back,
    and we can spend the time on that.
  30. I want to give thanks to Aon Hewitt, for
  31. the work that they've done on this survey,
    but also to our Human Resources staff.
  32. We've done, again,
    a true engagement survey.
  33. And we've got better quality data
    thanks to Aon that we've used here.
  34. The survey is not totally comparable
    to the last survey in terms of actual
  35. data, but the data we have
    this time are much richer and
  36. will give us a better detail
    on your own area on how we can
  37. really take a look at that and
    start to put some plans in place.
  38. We are going to have the Tiger teams again
    starting up over the late Summer and
  39. the Fall.
  40. I want to thank Cat Bering for
    organizing these teams again.
  41. We'll be making sure that
    the work that the Tiger teams do,
  42. work that the Tiger teams take on,
    is going to be complimentary to the work
  43. that happens in your own areas,
    that they're not overlapping.
  44. The target teams are real grassroots.
  45. I would almost call them organic
    decision making teams on those key areas
  46. where we think we can make a difference
    between now and the next survey.
  47. I want to thank you all for
    your participation.
  48. The results are out.
  49. You'll get more information from
    your unit manager coming soon.
  50. And we'll look forward to some really
    good discussion and dialogue, and
  51. plans through the Fall and into the Winter
    that we can start implementing.
  52. And really take a look at how
    we can improve for next time.
  53. Thanks for listening.