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  1. The idea of a digital divide is not simply about divisions in computer technology around technical issues like
  2. access and performance. The idea also has significant connections to social and educational factors.
  3. The government thinking from my point of view is just adjustable access to education.
  4. They want to get as many children as possible into school. Children join school but the drop off rate is very high.
  5. My father was dead and... My mother is now walking in the country Iraq.
  6. There is near Kurdistan. She is earning 250 dollars monthly, but she is trying hard to make us able [unclear] in the future.
  7. My ambition is to be a doctor, so I am studying science more than other subjects.
  8. The digital divide is very prominent in Nepalese society.
  9. And this divide, you know, in terms of gender, is even more prominent.
  10. That can be explained by a single fact. The [unclear] population is falling apart, the literacy rate for males is around 65%,
  11. while for females it is around 42%. So the literacy rate itself signifies that there is of course a gender divide.
  12. People prefer to send more boys to school than girls. If they have a choice between sending a son or a daughter,
  13. then it is the son that is sent to school. And if they have a choice of sending a child to a government school or
  14. a private school, the son gets sent to the private school and the girl gets sent to the government school.
  15. In our country Nepal there are lots of poor people here, and students who are from poor families
  16. are not getting the proper education for reasons of other [unclear] too. And since there is 100% students,
  17. there is 45% that are getting education.