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  1. In 1926, in Côte d'Amour, many French and their children discover this plage.
  2. This year,for the first time, employees have the right to take an annual paid leave.
  3. The French get a five week holiday. The summer sun,the lovely sand and the sea always attract
  4. hundreds of tourists in this part of the Atlantic Coast.The children play in the beach while their parents sunbathe.
  5. Other tourists,more energetic, go sailing, fish seawalls,or go for a walk with their family. Holidays in the beach
  6. is a typical choice of most French. What is it?
  7. No, you won't fish.- Is it nice here for the children? Yes, there are many people with their children.
  8. For some years, they would go in another beach. We are older, the younger go in that part. It is nice for children.
  9. -What can small children do here? -The sea, the sand, the beach, they swim when the weather is nice. There are clubs for children
  10. since many years, that are much appreciated both from the children and their parents.This one, is open
  11. seven days a week, from 10 a.m till noon and 14-17 p.m.There are people in charge organising game activities
  12. and watching the children.There are many activities for sand play, ideal for children. Yet, it is not perfect.
  13. Vincent and his family come to the beach for the first time. -Do you like the beach? -Not so much. -Why?
  14. There are many bubbles and pieces of seaweed.
  15. The majority of tourists come with their families, but not all of them. -What are you looking for in this plage? -Calmness.
  16. There are many people here. So, where are you going, next time? Somewhere else.