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  1. Summer holidays on Cote d'Amour
  2. Piano music
  3. We are on the Cote d'Amour
  4. In 1936 many French people and their children
  5. discovered its beaches as that particular year
  6. for the first time in France
  7. workers were entitled to paid holidays.
  8. Now French people have at least 5 weeks of holiday.
  9. Summer sun, fine sand and the sea
  10. always attract hundreds of holiday makers
  11. on this beach on the Atlantic Coast.
  12. Children play on the beach
  13. whilst their parents sunbathe.
  14. Other holiday makers, more active
  15. go on boat trips, fish on the pier
  16. or stroll with their families.
  17. Holidays by the sea,

  18. the traditional choice for most French people.
  19. "What is it? Do you want to go fishing?
  20. Yes, well, take the shrimp net from the cabin.
  21. No, go fishing, the sea is too high!
  22. -Is it a child friendly beach?
  23. "Yes it is, as you can see there are mostly young children, little ones.
  24. It's because for the past years, windsurfing has been moved to Valentine, the other beach.
  25. So there are no more adults, just the young generation as you can see.
  26. It's good for the children
  27. -What activities can the little ones do here?
  28. "Here they have the club, then there's the sea, the beach, the sand.
  29. They swim a lot when the weather's nice."
  30. Kids' clubs have been running on the French beaches for a long time.
  31. They are very appreciated by the children
  32. and very practical for the parents.
  33. This one here is open daily between 10.00 am to midday
  34. and from 2.00 p.m. to 5 p.m.
  35. Two persons are here all day
  36. and they organise games as well as supervise the children.
  37. Fine sand, numerous activities,
  38. this beach seems ideal for children.
  39. But it is not perfect.
  40. Vincent and his family are coming here for their first time.
  41. "Will you take advantage of the beach? Do you like this beach?
  42. -This one, not that much.
  43. "Why?
  44. -There's a lot of foam floating about
  45. and there are algae on the shore all the time.
  46. Most holiday makers on this beach
  47. have come with their families
  48. but not all.
  49. "What do you look for in a beach, what do you need, what would you prefer?
  50. Etienne: Stillness
  51. "So there are too many people here?
  52. Exactly
  53. "Families, too many kids?
  54. -Far too many
  55. "So where will you go next time?
  56. Elsewhere, to discover another beach.