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  1. Here we'll have to do something different.
  2. We'll leave some reds, but make them brighter, some blues over here...
  3. Can I have... a wider palette knife
  4. Right now I'm looking for the blue layer
  5. under three layers of colour... white, yellow and red
  6. to do the sky... of the mural
  7. Yes, that might be OK...if we leave it like that in some places, in the middle
  8. and make the sides a bit redder
  9. Yeah? OK now we're going to do the little house.
  10. The main problem with this technique is the weather,
  11. we are really under pressure because of the weather, and the climate
  12. because if it is very dry, the wall dries very quickly and then it becomes extremely hard.
  13. That's why we need to make use of the fact that there are lots of people...
  14. this is a mural that should be made collectively,
  15. we've really got to finish it in one working day, or two at the most.
  16. What I'd like to do now is check a bit how they
  17. are doing the transitions between colours
  18. in a few places. I'll get down
  19. and look at it straight on to see how to speed things up, alright?
  20. Is everybody here?
  21. Let's see what happens next...
  22. we won't take away any more, while we wait and see what happens in the part lower down
  23. Well I tend to prefer working in a group,
  24. I mean creating in a collective way, so that the mural isn't the creation of just one person but of a collective.
  25. It is very hard to achieve with artists,
  26. but generally we do the sketches together and decide a lot of things together.
  27. And that wall with the grid on it
  28. and lets all do yellow, probably the wall with the grid on it is yellow...
  29. OK yeah