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  1. do I think that the American Film Institute
  2. Film Institute is the answer for women and women getting into the film profession
  3. no no I don't think so I don't think that um I mean at woodwind
  4. women have have to fight fight I don the picket lines of the American Film Institute just to get
  5. Institute just to get women on the board of directors there and it's been a struggle to get a women's program
  6. program there you know when find George Stevens Jr that you got it now but you know for 5 years too late wife
  7. too late white one on the beginning I think it's a it's an institution its good its there its it's
  8. its it's BIOS to upper class mail white
  9. white a I synced women the people
  10. people women with Clairol professional like me how to fight for
  11. fight for getting other women in and the and then women have to organize like any other areas the Sun
  12. women have to get together and get the materials together Oregon
  13. together organize together and make amends the fact that there is a woman's movement help
  14. um I think frost women forward in every area of life including movies
  15. movies um I truly maybe some of you have an understanding of why it is that on
  16. the auto parts. For women anymore there used to be in on the 21st 3140
  17. 3140 in a strong Rosalind Russell and Kate Hepburn and all those women and I don't know why
  18. and I don't know why there isn't any more do you know anybody have any ideas
  19. it mean to scary for
  20. cari forum yeah I think
  21. yeah I think you're right I think you're right I do to stop the Tritton the supposed
  22. written the supposedly women's liberation scripts a written all my heaven
  23. what a comedy yes
  24. where was my head when I did Barbara
  25. armpit I'm in heaven I can't even
  26. I can't even believe it I know people even when you know its
  27. really all that bad looking forward to seeing a pizza cause I thought maybe I'll be pleasantly
  28. pleasantly surprised I wasn't I wasn't I need my voice sound like it was coming out of my ear
  29. coming out of my ear I was so self conscious for the entire huh
  30. why was it snow for acting with birds and and dry ice
  31. dry ice in ammonia and machines that don't work and Cinderella studio
  32. Studio already what was I doing in Italy in the studio with my clothes off
  33. when my ribs breaking my back
  34. back it was painful bruises everyday hey I hated it
  35. hated it I have never seen it either I've never seen it
  36. um she says that my phone has been Roger bedding the director Barbarella
  37. I was in town recently promoting a new film and sad
  38. sad parently that I was happy to say that I can download only
  39. only he knew no I just know when I'm up against a stone wall
  40. Stonewall yeah what does steelyard blues
  41. unimportant synonym for me politically no
  42. no no it wasn't
  43. the question is how is the campaign
  44. the campaign going she from San Francisco and she has nothing about a couple of the story
  45. are the stories in the other in the San Francisco Chronicle campaign is going very well
  46. party because we have a Cracker Jack organization statewide very very good people on staff with and getting pretty good
  47. getting pretty good media with braids the statue of money and tummy is making unbelievable mistakes
  48. mistakes people don't like honey very much and the hill
  49. its up hill going to be very rough time season and company he's got all the well company money on his
  50. company money on his side but it can be done you can win
  51. cuz I'm an actress
  52. and I'll continue to be
  53. continue to be until I get very old play mother Jones then maybe I'll run for office
  54. what was it like working with Elizabeth Taylor I didn't work with her
  55. work with her um I have to call to lightly a cameo role in blue bird
  56. Bluebird it's really upset part I wish I were smaller than it actually is
  57. telephone did in Santa Monica bad
  58. oh god I put the queen of night and she played the Queen of light
  59. light and the mother and the witch
  60. I was almost finished with my part 1 Elizabeth Taylor and Harry
  61. Taylor and Henry arrived in Leningrad and although I didn't work with her it was quiet experience
  62. experience to watch arrival in Leningrad and I'm not exactly rating to tons
  63. 2 tons of overweight 5000 dollars worth of food from Fort Mason
  64. Mason hotel room in a hotel for close to say for diamonds
  65. diamonds and I remember the book the man in the maze the floor with
  66. Russian Hotel there's a there's a of a desk on every floor with a woman
  67. how small is a house mother in the making of being said
  68. how many people like that of United States
  69. watch she never let a room
  70. what know where is Leningrad she had a entourage around Hershey Ana
  71. Anna is this what you call a millionaire it was there a Korean
  72. very very interesting actually um um um I didn't believe
  73. I didn't believe that she would stick it out and she didn't I take my hat off to her and she did because she understood
  74. understood I think the political importance of the film she really was committed to having it
  75. having it happened to sing it to the other was a very difficult. Hershey's used to
  76. is used to know much more is the circumstances and she was very very ill and I have a normal suspect
  77. respect for the way she handles herself in the Soviet Union
  78. yeah true George Duke or is pencil
  79. where is has always been called womens director and I think that it's true um
  80. it's true about the directors is well and some directors like Sam Peckinpah Armin directors
  81. directors a he's a very sensitive an understanding of women actresses
  82. this is the coolest another what I think of the cell
  83. what is the film called walk on the wild side I have very fond memories that was about 25 year
  84. about 25 years ago I think that I made that film and I like it because I feel that I was Henry Fonda's daughter
  85. I was always a always wanted to Cafe is the the nice Inn of the King James
  86. can change the girl next door Anna after tall story I said
  87. story I said I don't ever want to go back to Hollywood don't want to be cheerleaders and I you know that's not what I want to do I replace
  88. I want to do I replace on Broadway and then somebody of the part of a hooker in the summer Walker
  89. walk on the wild side of my brother book a nice and I like the book very much again books better than a cell that anyway
  90. anyway give me a chance to be to be somebody else and the I really got into
  91. I really got into it I had a very much I think we have 3 different directors in the course of the film and the
  92. and the problem to come off as well as it could have been was the
  93. was the moxie
  94. is Ted Kennedy support income in the race against against a Tom Hayden
  95. um if you want to run for president a better not
  96. I don't know why I die question it center
  97. question it since a tiny has recently come out again
  98. come out against the Kennedy Korman National Health Bill and the
  99. the ISIS is something that means great deal to Ted Kennedy as well it should
  100. is it means a great deal to poor people in old people and labor this in this country hello it's not the answer to
  101. not the answer to medical care it really the first big step forward in and a tornado in Cumming
  102. funny coming out against it I think a damaged relationship with Kennedy
  103. can you see it I can't see it what is it
  104. what is it
  105. oh it in and the picture was taken in Hanoi to picture of Tom
  106. picture of Tom Hayden and our Sun Troy MO North Vietnamese film actress I believe
  107. I believe it or not lyrics yes in the North Vietnamese she is the book
  108. is the book the leading movie actress in the in North Vietnam and she had a child the same
  109. how to child the same age is as mine and we a I have met her before when I was
  110. before when I was in Hanoi in 1972 and I had written how many letters and ####
  111. where is and #### it she was dead and I found out that she was alive had a baby Simpson weight
  112. picture was taken with just had a reunion yeah
  113. do I say grandfather clock as a political
  114. political future the polls in New York with indicate the does yes he is running for US Senate in the New
  115. New York on fortunately is running against the labs of the tragedy why we always have to do it
  116. how to do it Twitter Ramsey is a Man full of integrity a sink
  117. I think what are my upcoming film projects in why did I agree to do
  118. how to do the King James describe what it mean to put down on a little interested to see what it is
  119. listen to see what it is about a great to do a I like the idea in the in the middle of the night
  120. in the middle of an economic crisis to do a movie about it is better to be a comedy cause I think people can sometimes
  121. sometimes the allow themselves to see painful things easier when they're in the
  122. in the context of laughing instead of crime and the I give me an opportunity
  123. opportunity to talk about issues that I think are related to the film in related
  124. Diamond related to people's lives today in the course of making the film and I need a job um
  125. um I am in the process of trying to get written
  126. and produced I'm producing a film about the American Revolution call the house
  127. revolution call the house divided that will stop me and my brother and my father written by Michael Wilson
  128. Wilson it's going to be a very difficult film because its not sexy I mean that a bra
  129. I mean that a broad sense it's a it's a you know it so it doesn't have any 5
  130. it doesn't have any files to take it away its got the ingredients in Hollywood usually like in a Cell
  131. likes in a film its and it's an odyssey of an epic its a 20 year.
  132. from the point of view of the working class family who don't support the Revolution the beginning and a trillion
  133. and it's really know how why did people eventually some of them come to support the Revolution and how did it affect
  134. how did it affect our lives in what ways did the Second Life and then I'm doing a film
  135. also producing it to the original story about a Vietnam veteran it takes
  136. send it takes place in 1968 in a VA hospital on a military base in Antelope store between a para police
  137. paraplegic and a conservative woman is married to an army officer
  138. its not a comedy
  139. and then I'm doing um I'm doing the film
  140. the film that I'm not producing the acting in written by Lillian Hellman of the story was written by Lillian Hellman is called
  141. call Julia and the directed by Sydney Pollack in written by Auburn
  142. written by of charge when it will be the next year and I don't know who's going to play Julius and then I'm also
  143. and then I'm also producing a film that I'm going also star in the inspired by a
  144. something happened to a woman and Karen Silkwood its not her story when not doing
  145. when not doing the storm Karen Silkwood but she's young woman who I work in a put on
  146. where can I put onium fast breeder reactor planet Oklahoma she began to uncover Expo
  147. cover exposed to fax at to there was false the quetion of documents in xrays
  148. rays of the materials that would be fabricated in the plan was potentially catastrophic the dangerous
  149. tropically dangerous and someone tried to poison tour with the radioactive 52 tonium and then she was
  150. and then she was killed and I'm doing it because it is wonderful melodrama and because I think
  151. common because I think that people have to become aware very quickly of the incredible danger of nuclear energy
  152. Grapes of Wrath affect my family very strong is the time it was made I was born
  153. Ben
  154. A I don't know I don't know my father
  155. my father has done a number of the very very progressive films Ox Bow Incident Grapes of Wrath
  156. Grapes of Wrath young Mr Lincoln really a number of in and the
  157. um he hasn't changed his remain the same person I think of you
  158. thoroughly below the person who was the guy who directed the John Ford I quit Twitter
  159. 20 in the life became a right winner for reasons that I don't understand but I
  160. but I think um no dad delotta free sex in the Cambrian Va
  161. McKendree involved in all those films and the touch does he's been very infected person
  162. Tara how to play the song on the stage recently
  163. recently have a person with all about directing and if not why not cuz I be allowed to direct
  164. director I don't know I think it's very important for for people
  165. people to understand what the shortcomings are and um I am very definitely
  166. definitely more comfortable when I'm told I know I can deal
  167. you know I can deal with a character but I haven't got the overall I haven't got the capacity to deal with the whole thing
  168. the whole thing and the I like having a director who is extremely strong
  169. strong and tells me what to do so that I can say will try this
  170. but I get to be a coward if I'm the one that have to say try that I become conservative
  171. conservative I am I in my thoughts yes the question is you song
  172. USANA contracting in the script is a parlay change can't you get can you get out of the scripture that a lot of legal
  173. alot of legal hassles if you haven't received any advance payment
  174. or if your if your if you have enough money to be able to go to say
  175. to say to say no I'm not going to do it
  176. the case of Dick and Jane I think I want to do it I don't want to get out of it because I think that it's
  177. because I think that's some Mabi was found to be putting it down too much ice I say I say I say
  178. I think it's going to be a very interesting picture its not pictures of angry to do
  179. do but I think I still want to do it and if I didn't it would be a problem because
  180. problem because I've already been paid
  181. am I said are you kidding are you what does
  182. what all can Siri asleep who have been able to save money. Racer
  183. money racer hands 1234
  184. 45 people 6 people
  185. I mean I haven't worked for quite a long time number 1
  186. what time does one number to I have a family that I support number 3 I have a husband is running for the Senate
  187. Senate
  188. what I have been able to 70 you all have other reason
  189. yeah glad you asked me that she says urban rumors I'm going to do
  190. I'm going to do a movie about Patty Hearst based on something Shane Alexander Iowa
  191. I wouldn't dream of making a movie about Patty Hearst and please all journalist
  192. journalist for here write it down this is gone this is the end
  193. this is the end haunting me for 6 months
  194. monks started in the San Francisco Chronicle menu here on the radio and then I called The Chronicle
  195. The Chronicle would you please stop saying it I have nothing to do with Patty Hearst I'm not
  196. I'm not going to be doing her story and then it appears again and you want to know what I think I can I think I think somebody
  197. I think somebody is planning the story in order to hire me and my husbands campaign
  198. campaign I think she's been exploited enough I much more interested in doing films about what
  199. films about why people like her and the people she was with people like you when people are called
  200. black all the way to the next best racing we get in trouble some of the root causes but not a story
  201. but not a story about Patty Hearst what stores
  202. bailee bailee for her
  203. wayback affair with your hand up in the blue suede you yeah
  204. yeah questions 10 Barbara Loden Barbara Loden director of remarkable film called what
  205. the film called Wanda and she was also in perhaps till is an actress Splendor in the Grass
  206. the graph of all down a number of other films umm I have thought about contacting
  207. contacting her I don't know why I haven't accept that time I haven't yet got a project
  208. project that I think would be one that would appeal to her from what I know about her um
  209. um I don't see her directing an epic about the American Revolution or film about veterans Wichita
  210. which Josh Weston just going to direct um and uh
  211. Sydney Pollack is going to come is going to direct about the American Revolution
  212. American Revolution but I think that she's a very very talented woman both actress Anna and director and
  213. rector and the trap someday the n.o there will be something that I think that she seems to be
  214. she seems to be very intimate small very very pretty
  215. very very personal intense stories and I haven't got one like that yet do I not syncing
  216. do I not think that the Nazarene grave has been a victim in the sense that she has never been given an Oscar
  217. because of a political views
  218. I think it's important that
  219. iFixit some very fine actors dont when I don't know why I think
  220. why I think that I saw red grapes 101 the best actresses in the world
  221. um I personally I'm not paranoid about why people don't win the
  222. the Oscars I dyed people think that I didn't win today
  223. political reasons to believe that's true I don't think it was the best performance that you're not the best performance
  224. the best performance always does when I don't know can I tell somebody experiences making the Vietnam film
  225. Nasim oh boy um
  226. we went to Vietnam with a 9 month old baby
  227. and we have never been apart from him and we were told we were going to have to drive south
  228. Dr Selkin it would be a very large was trippin that we were to leave the baby in Honeoye which we did
  229. which we did it for 2 weeks and
  230. just for a benefit they set up a phone communication system so that every night we would stop at a different
  231. stop at a different village and we get a phone call and they said today he a 12
  232. well and by the time you reach the 17th parallel he came to kilo and by the time we got
  233. and by the time we got back he was toilet trained because they don't use diapers in Vietnam
  234. Indiana um one story
  235. is one story
  236. yes I think a question with Mia love ACA
  237. because I like how much money can be made um got it true that people
  238. true that people are in a lot of money making films is outrageous mean it really is totally out of proportion to
  239. portion to common sense um something is always the wilder
  240. Wilder but uh that's not why I make movies it mean if if was concerned
  241. if what concern me was making money that I would have been much more careful about how I let my personal life because all along the way up
  242. the way I've been told him I got don't do that can ruin your career and my attitude is always been so
  243. so you know I have to live with myself um maybe the reason I'm an actress is the only thing that I
  244. the only thing that I can do I don't have to type A maybe it's because I
  245. maybe it's because I need masks to hide behind I mean I'm not I don't think too much about it I'm not a cerebral actress
  246. cerebral actress I am i buy became an actress Radha late in life compared to most people
  247. the most people I was 23 years old um I just figured I'd like most
  248. like most alienated you say I didn't know what to do I graduated from something or other and I just
  249. brother and I just I don't know what to do with myself in someone to watch you go to the Actors Studio City
  250. Studio so I did and a Lee Strasberg told me I had Talent and that was it
  251. and that was it is a silly is that
  252. can we say please him that I want
  253. do any more films with my former husband Roger Vadim um
  254. what im I change does
  255. does you know if there's been to hell if the person I don't think he's he's God
  256. the he he also has had a very a lasting effect on cinema
  257. text on cinema he was the first young untried director he was 24 years
  258. he was 24 years old when he made us think when he made the God created women and it was it opened up
  259. opened up a hole a realm of possibility for the new way for young directions
  260. directions to make is kind of films but I'm not interested in those kind of feelings anymore he makes
  261. he makes start making the cut a phone that I'm interested in coming to work with him
  262. the question is wondering how difficult it is
  263. how difficult it is for how to get Hollywood to do films that are political like for example the Book of Daniel
  264. book of Daniel which was about the children of the Rosenbergs um
  265. it's very difficult its why for example Tom Laughlin
  266. Trisha creative zone Studio Empire a to do films like Billy Jack
  267. Billy Jack because they can't get made otherwise there are exception
  268. there are exceptions what does Kapolei how to create his own in a world A
  269. A to make a kind of film to watch now he could go anywhere prove himself
  270. Providence self but um I'm extremely difficult just there
  271. just very very very difficult and it's going to be that way until first of all
  272. first of all a it doesn't cost too much money is ridiculous the movies cost so much money half of it is over
  273. half of it is over head to big Studios Studios in an ounce the subsidiary
  274. subsidiary of multinational corporations it's a it's just a pickle what's happening every other areas
  275. Mary of the economy Warner Brothers has been bought by Kenny leisure which I'm told his Mafia run the lamb
  276. the land of Paramount is owned by the Vatican the physical plant
  277. physical plant a paramount is a subsidiary of Gulf and Western in you wonder why is golf on Western on
  278. Western on somebody else out of the coast of Vietnam what was so hard to make anyone tell me paramount
  279. best interests and its not just the people who sit in the office in the studio
  280. Studio the function of cells in the Bank of New York to put up the money that have a purse strings controller
  281. control it and the somethings do slip through but my God you got to stand on your head in
  282. your head and you know you take a story about a paraplegic can you have to go in and say about the war it's about the war
  283. it's about the war and what determines my vehicle when he says a love story
  284. that's what you do time for one more what is
  285. what is the ending of Alice doesn't live here anymore the first time that I've ever seen a movie when it ended
  286. what ended the whole set of 0.1 to and we want to go on it was like
  287. what it was like I was so involved with the woman at her son
  288. that I just I could have gone on n on n on n on a real you know and I
  289. 100 and I get to Siri read that script and I turned down years before was ever made
  290. and I can tell you that everything is it in there came from her came from Ellen Burstyn script
  291. script ideas the homeless in the woman is why I am sure
  292. I am sure that uh it's her creation I really take my hat off to her I don't mind
  293. I don't mind the fact that she's not a winner in the cheese not you know it's just a statement about the homeless of a woman
  294. list of a woman's character
  295. where can a woman send me a resume have you got a pencil
  296. okay
  297. okay Hayden for Senate 204
  298. Santa Monica Boulevard Santa Monica California what starting at the end
  299. starting at the edge of the cotton tell if a movies
  300. that was actress Jane Fonda recorded on October 25th 1975
  301. 1975 at the San Francisco Film Festival the host for the presentation was March aces
  302. was Mark chase in the film festival staff and this is Alan Farley for KPFA