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  1. To recap,
  2. you learned how to use multiple
    tools to diagnose memory problems.
  3. Now we started with our familiar
    friend Trace You, but you also
  4. learned about some memory-specific
    tools including Memory Monitor,
  5. Heat Viewer and Allocation Tracker.
  6. But most importantly,
  7. you want you want to evaluate your problematic
    code against several tools and
  8. seek multiple perspectives as to what is
    actually happening underneath the hood.
  9. Finally, it's important to
    understand each tool has a strength.
  10. Memory Monitor's a great way to get
    a dynamic view of your memory over time
  11. and Heap Viewer's great for
    showing what exactly is on your heap.
  12. And lastly,
  13. Allocation Tracker shows you where a
    particular location came from your code.