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Ukazujem Revíziu 3 vytvorenú 07/22/2013 od Niko Ahola.

  1. It happened, that one particular gentleman who offended me deeply. Who did so many things against me.
  2. But i did not retaliate. He was expecting some kind of revenge or retaliation from me
  3. but i had opted a policy not to do anything
  4. Not to say anything against him.
  5. and after some time he not only gave up doing anything harmful to me
  6. but he felt sorry.
  7. When Peter asked Jesus: how long should i forgive someone that has offended me?
  8. Is it seven times?
  9. Jesus replied: not seven times, but seventy times seven.
  10. That is that we´ve agreed to forgive all ways
  11. so forgivenes should not be conditioned
  12. it it coupled with love. So love embraces everything.