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  1. Sister Therese Andrevon, Christian, France
  2. I became a Sister 25 years ago.
  3. I joined the ministry.
  4. ...Forgiveness...
  5. Forgiveness is the center of our faith.
  6. because Jesus was on the cross to forgive
  7. so we are the direction of forgiveness
  8. with Jesus on the cross.
  9. So, for us, it is a very central...forgiveness.
  10. "Father Forgive Them for They Know Not What They Do..."
  11. Like Jesus forgave without people make something.
  12. He died on the cross, and he said, so forgive all humanity.
  13. So, we also invited to do the same thing.
  14. To forgive, even if we haven't any answer on the other side.
  15. But, it is also true that I cannot go to God and beg the pardon of my sins
  16. if I'm not ready to forgive my brothers.
  17. ...Forgiveness and Love...
  18. You can forgive, and go home, it's finished
  19. but it is not love, it is just to be finished with one story.
  20. After, I'm free, but I have no relationship with people that helped me.
  21. So, I think that forgiveness and love...
  22. to come from forgiveness to love,
  23. we need justice, to apologize, and reparation, too.
  24. ...Forgiveness and Freedom...
  25. You cannot force someone to forgive
  26. but there is always a relationship
  27. between forgiveness and freedom
  28. and if you are so angry or if your heart is so heavy
  29. you cannot be free to love
  30. So it's not pressure, because you have to forgive
  31. because if you don't forgive, it's not good,
  32. you are not a good man or good Christian.
  33. But, it is necessary for your life.