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  1. In our house we work together
  2. My husband and I. Alberto is the name of my husband.
  3. He is a stage designer and producer.
  4. He was my sculpture tutor,
  5. so my vocation grew
  6. when I got to know and became closer to him.
  7. I have here, a little easel
  8. that has an hydraulic motor underneath it
  9. which I use to raise and lower the weight.
  10. this is the first step
  11. and from there I will sit in front of the easel
  12. and this block of stone.
  13. The second stage is to begin to get rid of the stone that I know that I am not going to use.
  14. This is done with a hammer and a chisel
  15. once all of the excess stone has been removed
  16. I switch to another tool, called a toothed stone chisel
  17. which sort of wears down the stone with a rustic effect
  18. leaving it with little stripes
  19. as if someone passed a fork over some dough
  20. The third stage of with the tools is the chisel
  21. And as it slides over, that is when it starts to model and give form to the sculpture.
  22. I believe that obviously, it is true that, as they say, the the stone transmits its energy to you.
  23. Because, even when you get tired, it keeps on and continues making you want to keep working.
  24. Well, in the case of this alabaster
  25. as the stone was, it suggested to me because of its triangular shape,
  26. a type of lion mask.
  27. later it will have a part that is a plume
  28. a wave of hair, or lion's mane,
  29. Michael Angelo said something that was very true:
  30. He said that when he started with a piece of stone he didn't think what it was going to be...
  31. rather, that the figure was inside and that the only thing that he did was to was to remove the excess stone.