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I am Russian-born music educator and passionate advocate for the access to music education for ALL. I am also very interested in the subjects of brain/music and other developments in neuroscience, cognitive science and education-at-large, creativity and Flow, socio-economical, philosophical and religious aspects of ethics and emotional intelligence, universally shared aspects of various religious streams (including the Kabbalah teachings of my revered ancestor Baal Shem Tov), advocacy for environmental issues, women’s rights, and the way of overcoming other obstacles of inequality, unfairness, and injustice on both local and global scale.
I was born by the Black Sea in Crimea, Ukraine, where I've begun to study music at the age of 4, then went on to the specialized Music School for Children (7 years curriculum), then continued to study at Tchaikovsky College of Musical Arts, Simferopol, Crimea (teaching credentials, in addition to the performing arts degree), and then at the Music Department of Moscow Teachers Training University, the country’s oldest and most acclaimed in the field. The attendance of the informally organized course on teaching composition to children by Grigoriy Iv. Shatkovsky was one of the most inspirational for me, along with the couching by renown Karl Schnabel.
I currently live in Berkeley, CA, USA, and had lived in San Francisco Bay Area since March 1991. Prior to my arrival from Moscow as a refugee, I helped initiating one of the first int’l business teams that facilitated some of the first commercial dollar-rubles transactions.
I had been working on creating widely-spread awareness about the power of music that has the ability to transform the human brain in a very significant way. I had chaired the int'l symposium at the 29th World Conference for ISME, Beijing, 2010, that gathers presenters from several countries for the comparative analysis of the state of music education, including Estonia (with the most exemplary music education system, represented by the veteran-advocate Prof. Ene Kangron ), Russia (the home for one of the world's best approach in music education, presented by the daughter of renown composer/educator Kabalevsky, Maria) and California veteran of advocacy movement Prof. Crystal Olson (whose over 10 year-old Master degree program was shut down by the unwise CA bureaucrats.) Additionally, we’ve reviewed the evident data from brain/music research that provides the important information about the benefits of sustainable and well-designed music education, as well as the incredible importance of continuing brain studies about the impact of music on the brain, among other much needed developments in neuroscience, the field, that will dramatically transform our life. ( www.CHARISMAfoundation for more info.)
After the car accident with the drunk driver a new gift of writing songs (with the lyrics!) came to me: I was given my 1st song with the lyrics – “I Create, When I Resonate” (“Resonance”), that has become the Music Manifesto for the Int’l Campaign for Advocacy for Music Education Through Brain/Music Research. This song has reflected in metaphorical and musical way the above collaborative int'l event, as well as the influence of my personal interaction and the publications by the leading neuroscientists in brain/music field (particularly Prof. Daniel Levitin, the author of “Your Brain on Music”, “The World in Six Songs”, DVD “Music Instinct”; Prof. Peter Janata, Dr. Schlaug, Dr. Menon). It had its int'l premier at the presentation by our collaborative Int’l team at the Jubilee 30th World Conference of ISME, Greece, 2012, while joined by the int’l chorus of support, consisting of the premier music educators, who attended this presentation.
However, currently (as of January 2013) and due to the unprecedented pressing need to address the issues of the dysfunctional and corrupt local government of City of Berkeley dysfunctional administration, my life is dedicated to addressing the issue of the dangers of lacking EMOITIONAL INTELLIGENCE among the government personnel, who misuse their public mandates, causing unprecedented and easily avoidable suffering, due to the obvious lack of the activation of their empathy ability during their childhood.
This ability is proven to be one of the fundamental traits of the well-functioning human brain, that allowed for our collective evolutionary survival of the human species, and is the evident to be the evolutionary adaptation (“Born to Be Good” by Prof. Dacher Keltner). Other areas of life, where emotional intelligence plays the life-saving role must be also addressed from the similar emotional intelligence perspective, including the jurisprudence, medical field, education, psychology, psychiatry etc. Sustainable music/arts education is one of the most powerful tools to active this ability (along with other advanced cognitive skills, incl. CREATIVITY), in order to avoid such brain dysfunction, lasting a lifetime.
More info on this subject’s development can be viewed on (that is currently in the development mode – please, visit us now and again, for more uploads and invitations for the meaningful collaborative projects).
I am very fond of my multicultural heritage and would like to use my bi-lingual abilities to help creating international teams that can help fostering broader perspectives on the issues of great importance. My song “BLUE HERON” in both Russian and English languages manifests my desire to see the int’l collaboration between the nations towards the shared goal to make our struggling from cataclysms Blue planet free of pollution. Music can help transforming harmful patterns and break the cultural barriers. I’d be very pleased, if my new friends from various countries will “…Carry my song…” (as the lyrics call) and spread this message of peaceful collaboration between the nations. My song can also help learning Russian and English languages, due to such proven ability of music, that was used for millions of years to activate human memory, prior to the invention of the written language. I’d be very glad to hear about such int’l team efforts (
I look forward to exciting collaborative explorations that foster int'l exchange of knowledge and promote peace between the nations, so vital for our conflicted world, with so technologically advanced weapons of destruction, and still largely lagging mindful awareness about fragility of our life, and other hindrances of still evolving & often hostile human brain.
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