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Информация is offshore web-hosting located in Ukraine, where copyright legislation are incredibly tolerant & prices are very low - pick our offshore hosting services to take good advantage of that. We are reliable partner to grow your online business - in 2020 VSYS (abbreviation for Virtual Systems) will salute it's 1st jubilee. Our own fleet of servers handled by our in-house service team 24/7 to deliver fastest response time & best consumer experience. Our network is growing really fast, now it's capacity surpasses 500 Gbps, so you could scale large and constantly stay flexible and competitive. So, welcome to VSYS, dependable Ukrainian host - order today & we will care for your hosting needs! Visit our site

OFFSHORE HOSTING BENEFITS. Bitcoin payments accepted. Absolutely anonymous enrollment. Handling DMCA and copyright complaints more leniently. More flexible content policy. Reliable offshore hosting celebrating 10th Anniversary.

AGGRESSIVE PLANS. We aren't a reseller! Found a better price? Let's negotiate if we can match it! We pay half less than many others because we monetize the two ways,"inbound" for local customers,"outbound" for traffic delivered by our offshore clients.

BANDWIDTH EXCEED 400GBps. Using 400+ Gbps of IP traffic and also official LIR status from RIPE NCC - we rank as one of the largest internet providers in Ukraine. Video streaming is driving demand for bandwidth usage and we have it at very competitive prices!

24/7 TECH SUPPORT. Our own technical support staff working 24/7. These same seasoned tech experts have physical access to bare metal servers. 15 minutes to reply in your ticket.

99.9 PERCENT UPTIME GUARANTEE. It's an actual guarantee backed up by Service Layer Agreement. Redundant Infrastructure. Hardware situated in European contemporary datacenters. Multiple uplinks and peering. Automated route optimization software.

DDOS PROTECTION. We guarantee that customer's services aren't affected by DDoS. Upon request you are going to be changed to business grade in-line DDoS filters, which will carefully filter botnet traffic out and pass only legitimate traffic to your web site.
Virtual Systems joined Amara on Март 16, 2020.


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