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Because of this, I graduated from the Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology. There's absolutely no specialization in veterinary medicine as such. You simply receive a diploma as a veterinarian - and nobody cares , for example, you've almost never worked with little pets. Throughout training, they mostly teach you to work with farm animals, which isn't sufficient in urban clinics, in which it finds application. Consequently, the knowledge isn't enough to cure or function critters; you have to learn everything in practice. It's clear that no one will require you as a doctor at the same time, first you've got to go through the path from an intern. I obtained all the knowledge by watching my senior colleagues and learning from their experience.
Hi My name is Jane Lapointe, I'm 35 years old, and I work as a doctor-veterinarian in a private practice. I run my website, write articles for the site about critters https://petexperta.com/. The website has a great deal of helpful and practical information for people who maintain pets or are only likely to have a pet.
Many say it is impossible to become a veterinarian without love for animals. I will say from my experience that this isn't the situation. Love for animals only hinders abstraction and believing in cold blood. Every four-legged patient is a struggle for me in the first place, if I can overcome the disease and understand what is wrong. Let me give you an instance. It occurs that through sterilization or castration, the animal stops breathing. This happens infrequently - usually due to intolerance anesthesia. And the doctor, who's sincerely stressed, could get confused and miss important seconds to conduct resuscitation. For me personally, it has always been a particular job to be solved. And I solved it without believing that the lifetime of a living creature is in stake. I will mention: it all worries beginners, experienced veterinarians, obviously, understand how to put emotions on the back burner. The same as any fantastic doctor.
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