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I am the PR manager at
Real digital PR has already arrived: one of the main ways to promote a brand is social networks and the blogosphere. What is worth remembering PR-manager, who uses to promote digital communication? How to build work with brands in a changed media space?
Rule number 1. Give the consumer "delicious" content
90% of users become more lazy and do not always respond positively to new interfaces. Nevertheless, it is worth striving for the organic use of various formats in order to get an excellent effect from the digital campaign.
Rule number 2. Engage bloggers in promoting a serious product.
Respond to individual requests as much as possible and segment your target audience by solvency level. Since there is an imbalance between luxury and the mass market, the content needs different, and, as a result, different platforms are needed for promotion.
Rule number 3. Maximum personalize information
The user wants to see only his offers of interest. The use of personalized information will allow maximum convertibility to target actions. This feature should definitely be borne in mind when offering cooperation.
Rule number 4. Explore the media space
Everyone who works with content - publications, bloggers, brands - try to make each material an independent project that will hook the target audience and cause a discussion. Surprisingly, the majority of PR-managers superficially relate to the study of media platforms on which they plan to be placed.
Rule number 5. Remember to maintain professional standards
Changes in the digital environment affect journalistic ethics. Of course, the source of information itself ceases to play any value. But do not forget to maintain the professional standards that each forms for itself. Carefully approach the choice of broadcast information.
Digital communications require knowledge of trends and new opportunities, as well as creative thinking that allows you to gain consumer confidence. Remember that the effectiveness of cases and the right choice of tools, which is aimed entirely at solving the client’s tasks, becomes the main weapon of a PR manager. Therefore, "delicious" content must meet the needs of modern audiences.
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