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Mississippi Voter Kennitra Thompson: "We Always Rise Back Up to the Top"

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  1. [What's the most important issue to you this election season?]
  2. Some political issues that are important to me would be education, health care, and, hm,
  3. pretty much the immigration thing.
  4. [Are you hopeful about the future?]
  5. I am most definitely hopeful about for the future.
  6. This is not the first time our nation has been in tough economical times.
  7. And being the strong nation that America is, the underdogs we always
  8. rise back up to the top.
  9. [Do you think the political system is broken? If so, how would you fix it?]
  10. I don't necessarily think that it's broken.
  11. I think we tend to concentrate more so on our differences,
  12. instead of learning to co-exist.
  13. The whole general idea is to be there for the American people.
  14. So I think to learn to agree to disagree but come to a mutual battleground.