Herbert Wolverson - Procedural Map Generation Techniques

Herbert Wolverson - Procedural Map Generation Techniques

This talk is from the 2020 virtual Roguelike Celebration:

Herbert has been a hobby game developer since the 1990s, and is the developer of Nox Futura, One Knight in the Dungeon, and several 7DRL projects. Author of the Rust Roguelike Tutorial, and upcoming book with the working title Learn Rust by Making a Game book (Pragmatic Bookshelf, expected release this winter). He's a regular contributor to the subreddit r/roguelikedev.

This talk is a detailed survey of procedural map generation, including integration of hand-crafted "prefabs"/vaults. While the source material is written in Rust, it's readily abstracted to psuedocode and presented in a language agnostic fashion. Techniques include: Simple room placement, BSP room placement, BSP interiors, cellular automata, drunkard's walk, mazes, diffusion-limited aggregation, voronoi, wave function collapse, and prefabs. Sprinkle in a little spice by adding symmetry, layering/combining generators, different corridor algorithms, and doors placement.

Find him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/herberticus
Roguelike Tutorial section 3 techniques and illustrations: http://bfnightly.bracketproductions.com/rustbook/chapter23-prefix.html
Rust Roguelike Tutorial: http://bfnightly.bracketproductions.com/rustbook/

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