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  1. [Host] At 91 years old,
  2. Alina Dabrowska is still consumed
  3. by the horror of
    what happened to her, here.
  4. It is why she has brought
    her granddaughter, Eva,
  5. for the first time.
  6. It is why she wanted
    to talk to us about her memories.
  7. And it is why, for 50 years,
    she could never set foot in this place.
  8. [Mrs. Dabrowska] Once,
    I tried to come here,
  9. with my children,
    and I couldn't move.
  10. I seemed paralyzed.
  11. [Host] In these buildings,
    Alina was a victim
  12. of the cruel experiments
    carried out by this man,
  13. Nazi 'doctor' Josef Mengele,
  14. known as "The Angel of Death."
  15. For the first time, Alina is shown
    some of the tools used by Mengele
  16. for his cruel experiments:
  17. Sterilizations, crude transplants,
  18. and here, even the typhus
    she was injected with
  19. as a 'guinea pig,' to test medicines.
  20. I had hallucinations.
  21. I got a very high fever.
  22. Never in my life,
    earlier and afterward,
  23. had I known
    such a high fever.
  24. - You thought you were going to die?
  25. Yes.
  26. [Host] At nearby Block 10,
  27. where many of the experiments
    took place,
  28. she could not bring herself
    to cross the threshold.
  29. [Mrs. Dabrowska] I am very glad
    that we are here,
  30. not going further.
  31. [Host] And who can blame her?
  32. This remains an eerie,
    sickening place,
  33. of dark corridors,
    and rooms with dreadful secrets.
  34. In one, a dissection table.
  35. What grotesque atrocities
    were carried out
  36. by doctors, here, in the name
    of 'medical research?'
  37. [Mrs. Dabrowska] I don't think
    they are normal men.
  38. I can't find...a proper English word
    for beast..."bestia." So...
  39. [Host] Beast.
    [Mrs. D] Beast.
  40. [Host] Before she left,
    she shows me a mark on her arm.
  41. It is her prison number: 44165.
  42. Fading, but with her for life.
  43. Just like the memories of a place
  44. she wants her granddaughter,
    and the world,
  45. never to forget.