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  1. [Andrea Zittel: "Wagon Station Encampment"]
  2. [WOMAN #1] I've only been here for about a
  3. but I would like to spend two.
  4. I think that would be a really good amount
    of time.
  5. A lot of my own work kind of corresponds with
  6. This is kind of a research activity for me.
  7. Everybody comes out to the desert for different
  8. Historically, that's always been true.
  9. There's situations where the group will all
    go on a hike or something,
  10. or cook dinner together.
  11. But then, people kind of hang out in their
  12. which is what is so cool about the way that
    the wagon stations have been designed.
  13. You can have that private time
  14. without it seeming like you're defecting from
    the group or something.
  15. [LAUGHING]
  16. [WOMAN #2] Somebody please enjoy that!
  17. [WOMAN #1] I would love to eat that.
  18. [WOMAN #2] Do you want to just claim it?
  19. [WOMAN #1] Sure.
  20. [WOMAN #2] I also have an onion and apples.
  21. [WOMAN #3] And I'm totally jealous... [LAUGHS]
  22. I think it's such a brilliant idea in the
    way she's used the space.
  23. I also think it's a really interesting model.
  24. It's a private residence--
  25. it's not an official residency, per se.
  26. But she opens it up twice a year to let people
  27. And it's a, I think, a really progressive
    way of having
  28. artists and creative people work together
    and meet--
  29. with a no-pressure environment, too.
  30. [WOMAN #1] I did a lot of hiking,
  31. and I did some filming,
  32. and some reading.
  33. Yeah, and then I'm working on a journal, as
  34. So, Andrea was very generous in talking to
    me about that.
  35. [WOMAN #2] Generosity doesn't happen that
  36. with regard to land these days,
  37. so I think that's really radical.
  38. [ZITTEL] Okay, so the new problem
  39. is that the paper gets stuck under the letters.
  40. I'm so drawn to the frontier mentality
  41. and that idea of having to figure everything
    out from scratch.
  42. There have been two generations of wagon stations.
  43. In the first generation, I essentially gave
    to friends
  44. and people who I collaborated with
  45. who would come out here and stay for periods
    of time.
  46. But, it was always the same person visiting
    each wagon station,
  47. and they would customize them.
  48. In those instances, each wagon station was
  49. and it would have its own camp stove within
  50. Then, at a point, we extracted those
  51. because they were starting to fall apart in
    the elements.
  52. And they've sort of traveled to exhibitions
    since then.
  53. And with these, we've made them all...
  54. Like, they're all sort of the standard version,
  55. like, the way I designed them.
  56. [WOMAN #3] There's locks on either side for
    this to open up.
  57. And, there's like little strings up there
    to put your clothes on.
  58. There's also a door in the back that locks,
  59. so if you need any extra air, it's just a
    quick way out.
  60. And you can leave it open when you sleep.
  61. It gets a little cold, though, so I usually
    close it.
  62. And, there's a shelf for everything that you
  63. And that's pretty much it!
  64. [WOMAN #2] I watched the full moon arc across
    the entire sky
  65. over the course of the evening.
  66. You're inside, and you can see the environment
  67. framed by Andrea's designs,
  68. really consciously and intentionally.
  69. [ZITTEL] Now, we have the communal kitchen,
  70. and the outdoor showers,
  71. and the composting toilets.
  72. This is a sort of communal living situation
  73. that only works because it's a certain amount
    of time
  74. and we send people all of these protocol sheets
    out before they come.
  75. Okay, so if you want to follow Dean and do
    that on every one--
  76. the double layer.
  77. And, if you want, you could take that, too,
  78. and then just put a like little edge four
    inches in.
  79. I think that the Wagon Station Encampment
    was sort of
  80. slowly walking into a situation of inviting
    other people to come be here.
  81. We always say it's sort of a cross between
    a retreat and a residency
  82. and a normal campground.
  83. It would be redundant to create, like,
  84. another art residency when there's so many
    of them.
  85. Everybody has their desert fantasy.
  86. And so my particular fantasy was probably
    living on an alien landscape.
  87. When NASA tests habitation on Mars,
  88. they have a station in the Mojave Desert,
  89. and I always thought that was so interesting,
  90. that this is the landscape that was chosen
  91. to be most representative of another planet.
  92. I think the aesthetic of these was, sort of,
  93. a sci-fi pioneer aesthetic.
  94. And I don't know if that's my aesthetic now,
  95. because it's constantly changing.
  96. My great grandparents were pioneers just south
    of here,
  97. and they settled in the Imperial Valley.
  98. The temperatures in the Imperial Valley
    are about ten degrees hotter than here--
  99. and this gets pretty hot.
  100. When I feel like complaining, I keep thinking
    about them.
  101. They would live in a tent,
  102. and I guess they poured water over the
  103. to cool things off.
  104. It's so funny, I get upset when people say there's nothing here.
  105. [ZITTEL] Okay!
  106. [WOMAN #2] Thank you so much!
  107. [ZITTEL] Sure.
  108. [WOMAN #2] It was really magical and inspiring
    and awesome.
  109. [ZITTEL] It was good to meet you.
  110. [WOMAN #2] You too, and what an honor.
  111. [ZITTEL] Bye!
  112. [WOMAN #3] It was really nice to meet you.
  113. Thank you so much.
  114. It was awesome.
  115. [ZITTEL] Have a good trip! Bye!
  116. [ZITTEL] But, there's something about the
  117. that I think really calls to people who want
    to try
  118. and invent their own structures for living.