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  1. [music]
  2. MetroFiets Cargo Bikes
    are built right here in Portland, Oregon.
  3. My name is Erin and we've owned
    a Metrofiets for six years now.
  4. I use my cargo bikes
    to take my daughter to school,
  5. to go to the grocery store,
    to go to the park,
  6. I never have to sit in traffic.
  7. And I never have to look for
    a parking spot,
  8. but you're able to engage with people
  9. and that makes a
    healthier happier community
  10. Cargo Bikes probably
    can't save the world,
  11. but they definitely can make it
    a better place.
  12. And I feel that way about Firefox too.
  13. Your data isn't been trolled.
    There's so many cool things
  14. you can do with it
    that can make it work for you
  15. rather than you working for it.
  16. [music]