ATN News - "Young Nite" featured Mozilla

Dear All:
ATN News - "Young Nite" featured Mozilla at [10th December, Friday night: 1:15am] Bangladesh Time and [10th December, Sat noon: 1:15pm] Bangladesh Time. Host by aNIK KHAN.

Audio Language: Bengali
Subtitle: No subtitle available now. we are working on that. A helping hand would be appreciated.

I attended eASiA 2011 with ISOC and serving lighting talk about Mozilla and ISOC. Many visitors and participants of eAsia2011 were interested to know more about Mozilla. i try to give them the glimpse of ongoing Mozilla projects and technology. When preaching to the university students about Mozilla, dated 03 December 2011, this video feed was taken instantly and by aNIK Khan, Host of "Young Nite". i talk about Mozilla projects, how people can get involved with Mozilla projects, contributor engagement programs, our past events (soft launch of Mozilla Community Bangladesh), proposed upcoming programs (Hackfest, programming contests). Mozilla Firefox badge, website is highlighted with my name and designation. Among the listeners, a lady's feedback is added after my conversation with the host. i'd like to take a moment to thank you to Mr. Kazi Nazmul Alam Taposh, Executive Producer, ATN News, for the time out of his busy day for me to allocate the news feed. Happy watching :) Regards.

Some basic information of "Young Nite":
Release Date: 01 July 2011, Friday.
Genre: TV Talk Show
Network: ATN News
Season: 01
About: Socio-Political
Description: A Socio-Political Talk Show with Bangladeshi Youth from all possible sectors. A performance by an young talented performer at the end of every show.
Concept: Munni Shaha
Producer: Ushnish Chakroborty
Host & Researcher: Anik Khan
Schedule: Friday: 1:15am [Sat: 1:15pm-REPEAT]; Sunday: 1:15am [Monday: 1:15pm-REPEAT]; Tuesday: 1:15am [Wed: 1:15pm-REPEAT]
Starring: Anik Khan
Directed By: Ushnish Chakrobarty
Written By: Anik Khan