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New York Voter Margaret O'Sullivan: "I Have No Problem, If Needed, to Leave the Country"

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  1. [What's the most important issue to you this election season?]
  2. Health Care is very important and, erm, we all need it as we age.
  3. People are living longer and, you know, people have paid into it, nums...many, the majority
  4. of the population has paid into it, erm, for years and years, and years.
  5. And I think it's something that we've earned, we worked for.
  6. And have that taken away or cut down is just unacceptable.
  7. [Are you hopeful about the future?]
  8. I am. Yes. But, as I said, I am a voter and if I can make a change I will.
  9. If not, I have no problem, you know, I've actually thought about relocating.
  10. [Interviewer - off camera] Why?
  11. Why? Because I'm very worried. I think it can change.
  12. I think the government structure can change but, if it doesn't change soon, we may not....
  13. we may not have anything left and I have no problem, if needed, to leave the country.
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