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Newborn Baby Gets Hair Washed


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2 Comentarii

  • AnonymousUser avatarBuzbee commented 2 luni în urmă

    A nurse washes the hair of a newborn baby girl. :)

    The nurse talks softly to the baby while washing her hair.

    Assume the father is filming. A man softly laughed twice in the film.


    Just in case these do not translate well, will explain a little bit.


    "fall asleep on me" = does not literally mean "on" her, but more like, during time with her. Can omit the "on me" if you prefer. It's just a colloquialism.

    "Mohawk" = Mohawk hair style. The middle hair stands straight up, the sides are short. But the nurse is only joking.

  • AnonymousUser avatarBuzbee commented 2 luni în urmă

    Chuckles = laughs softly, bemused laugh, small laugh