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  1. [Zanele Muholi: Mobile Studios]
  2. [Daveyton, South Africa]
    Show me your eyes only.
  4. Breathe in and out.
    Everything is good now.
  5. You can do this.
    No, the fur coat is fine!
  6. I'm trying to form these mobile studios
  7. where you don't need to be
    fixated in one space.
  8. We live here, pay taxes.
  9. We are citizens of this country,
  10. which is democratic, they say.
  11. Any space is a possible space.
  12. It's my own way of writing
    South African LGBTI history.
  13. So I don't want to be limited by anything.
  14. I don't want to be in any studio.
    I want to be unplugged.
  15. That's Bathini, who is from Soweto,
  16. but connecting with Collen,
    who is in Daveyton.
  17. And we are assisted by Carla.
  18. And Lerato is the project coordinator.
  19. I try to make sure that I
    empower the people
  20. that are featuring in the series--
  21. and people who are around me.
  22. These are "Faces and Phases" participants.
  23. Then there's Katiso with Ovulenda,
  24. who are in another series
    called "Brave Beauties."
  25. "Brave Beauties" looks
    specifically at trans women
  26. who are beauty queens.
    No, I'm with you.
  28. I want to make the best shot.
  29. When there are exhibitions,
    I take the participants with me,
  30. so they will be able
    to speak for themselves
  31. and get to see what happens
    to the photographs.
  32. How many of you have been to exhibitions?
  33. Have you been to exhibitions before?
  35. [MUHOLI] I needed to give those humans
    a space to express,
  36. which is not what they usually do
    on a daily basis.
  37. [PARTICIPANT] Being shown on the exhibition,
  38. is a sign of showing people that we exist
  39. and we are human.
  40. [MUHOLI] Creating the "activist wall,"
  41. it's a way in which we
    destabilize the peaceful imagery
  42. of the gallery setting.
    I want to speak for myself,
  44. be strong,
    and be the person that I truly am.
  45. ["Trans is beauty']
    ["Trans is strength"]
  46. [MUHOLI] Especially gallery settings--
    its white walls, beautiful images.
  47. It seems as if there's no agency.
  48. Yes, they are these
    beautiful young individuals
  49. who are on the walls,
  50. but they have their own
    personal stories to tell.
  51. Surely, the "Brave Beauties"
    are the only visual document
  52. that has ever existed
    that has reached that far.
  53. [PARTICIPANT] You can zoom in if you want to,
    I don't have pimples!
  54. [MUHOLI] So, I just wanted to
    give a voice to trans women--
  55. to be heard and be seen
    in art spaces.
  56. I needed to make sure that
  57. people see themselves
    as worthy humans,
  58. just like every other important woman
    in South African history
  59. or beyond South African borders.