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  1. Hello, how you doing? Justin here.
  2. Um, in this little review today we're going to be
  3. checking out the Ernie Ball Wah Pedal.
  4. Quite a sexy, good-sounding wah-wah pedal. Um, loads
  5. of nifty little features. I'm just going to do
  6. a close up for you and show you,
  7. give you a close look at what's going on with this pedal.
  8. Um, and then they'll be some film of me noodling
  9. about just playing around with this pedal.
  10. A bit on the clean sound,
  11. a bit on the dirty sound, just to give you
  12. an idea of what is sounds like. It's a
  13. pretty cool pedal actually all-around. This
  14. one was also lent to me by my friend Dario, so
  15. thanks to Dario for lending me this to try out.
  16. Um, okay, let's have a closer look at it.
  17. Okay, here is the Ernie Ball Wah-Wah pedal.
  18. Um, not much going on on the side except
  19. we do have one very cool feature for this
  20. which is a light, an on-switch. A lot
  21. of pedal's don't have a light. It's got
  22. one on both sides there. Um, so that's a good
  23. way of telling if your wah-wah's on.
  24. Sometimes that can be a problem
  25. although you should really be able to hear it.
  26. On the back, we've got a little uh
  27. battery compartment on the back.
  28. Nice and easy to access so you
  29. don't have to remove all the
  30. feat on this wah-wah to try and
  31. change your battery which is pretty cool.
  32. Now, on the end here we've got
  33. a guitar input, a guitar output, and we've
  34. got a nine-volt power supply. Again,
  35. really really useful feature. Cool having
  36. the jacks on the top of the pedal as well.
  37. Pretty well-constructed little pedal,
  38. this one. Pretty good sound.
  39. So we're going to check out the demo.
  40. Okay here's the close sound.
  41. Nice switch. That's a very nice easy
  42. switch to operate, on and off switch
  43. right there that Ernie Ball.
  44. [Guitar Strumming with Pedal]
  45. Hello, Justin here. I'm back again
  46. I hope you enjoyed my little noodling
  47. about. Um, yeah and I hope you enjoyed my
  48. look at this Ernie Ball Wah-Wah pedal.
  49. Please go and check out the website for
  50. links to the manufacturers and
  51. distributors and stuff. Um, if
  52. you like what I do please subscribe
  53. to my channel, go and check out the website,
  54. and I'll see you for another review or
  55. lesson or whatever very soon I'm sure.
  56. Take care of yourselves. Bye-bye.