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WIKITONGUES: Youssef speaking Egyptian Arabic

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WIKITONGUES: Youssef speaking Egyptian Arabic

This video was submitted by Youssef Madkour in New York City, USA, where he lives. Egyptian Arabic, also known as Maṣri or simply Egyptian, is spoken by as many as 65 million people, primarily in the North African nation of Egypt, and by diaspora communities around the world. A Semitic language like Hebrew and Amharic, Egyptian emerged at the convergence of the Greek and Coptic (Ancient Egyptian) languages with Classical Arabic, which arrived following the Islamic conquest of Egypt in the 7th century. Though it is chiefly a vernacular language, Egyptian is one of the few colloquial Arabic varieties to enjoy a lively media culture, featuring in theater, popular literature, and news outlets.

Translation: Hello everyone! My name is Youssef. I am from the City of Alexandria, in Egypt, but I live abroad. The city of Alexandria is a beautiful city of the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The thing I love doing the most when I’m in Alexandria, is to walk on the Corniche (Esplanade) while eating a cold gelati (ice-cream). At the moment I am studying Marine and River Science and how we can keep these environments clean from pollution. Also I am learning how we can protect the fishes and other organisms living in Marine and Riverine environments. We do this by taking water samples and then analyzing them in the lab to find out what are the reasons for pollution in the water. I am happy to have met you all today, till next time, goodbye!

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