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Children's Art Week Ambassador Jenny Leonard

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Children’s Art Week
Saturday 8 – Sunday 16 June 2019

Every year Engage invites schools, galleries, museums and community groups to devise and register visual arts events for children and families over a week in June. These activities give children and young people—together with their teachers, parents and carers—the opportunity to get involved with a very broad range of practical art activities with artists and makers.

For more information on Children's Art week, visit

In support of Children's Art week, Artist Jenny Leonard says:

"I'm an artist and work in lots of different schools and at events, and I believe EVERYONE can draw and EVERYONE is creative. I think it's so important for people of all ages to put down their phones and pick up a pen or pencil and just make, draw and doodle! We were meant to create and it's important to play with inky lines and not always be pressing buttons."

About Jenny Leonard:
Contemporary landscape artist Jenny Leonard specialises in murals and illustration. The artist describes herself as working 'in a tea and coffee induced frenzy', and will travel far and wide for a blank wall to make her mark on. Her aptly energetic paintings are alive with colour and movement, and she often incorporates materials like plaster into her work. Leonard lives and works in Norwich, where she studied Fine Art, and she exhibits extensively in local galleries.