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  1. Hi, everybody! How is it going? Ummm...
  2. This is my friend. Matt,
    Matthew over there.
  3. He really likes the band Mae
  4. and his second favorite band
    is Owl City
  5. and it's really a funny coincidence
  6. because they're both coming to Oahu
    to play a show.
  7. So I thought that
    I would get a ticket for him
  8. to the show,
  9. but I'm going to surprise him
    with this mask.
  10. Oooh, this is so funny.
  11. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!
  12. [Startled,Matt punches him in the face]

  13. Matt; Dude, why'd you scare me?f
  14. I was just trying to surprise you!
  15. That's a really weird way
    to surprise me, man.
  16. Mae and Owl City!
  17. My two favorite bands?
  18. Yes! That's right!
  19. Here, take it, dude, take your tickets.
    oh, my gosh...oh, this is...
  20. What am I supposed to do
    if a guy in a mask comes up?
  21. You know what? Just...whatever!
    OK? Whatever!
  22. Yeah, I'm totally stoked.
    I really appreciate this.
  23. False crack me one time, man.
    Make it up, make it up.
  24. You want me to false crack you?
  25. False crack me.
  26. I'll false crack you right now.
  27. I'm going to put you to sleep!
  28. Right...
  29. Well, good. That was good.
  30. Yeah, OK, it's all good.
    Am I still bleeding?
  31. Matt; A little bit.
  32. Is it bleeding still?
  33. You'll be alright.
  34. OK.
  35. I was like...
  36. Matt; Well, you came up to me in a mask,
    what was I supposed to do?
  37. I got you! I got you!
  38. You scared me!
  39. I got you so good!
  40. Now, we're even, right?
  41. I scared you-so good!
  42. [Music]
  43. Matt; Now we're even, right?