Michael Moore on the Rachel Maddow Show - Part 1 (11/3/11)

Michael Moore on the Rachel Maddow Show - Part 1 (11/3/11)

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"What you see now are moms and dads bringing kids. You see grandparents. You see bus drivers. You see all kinds of people. And you see people who are suffering just complete abject poverty. So it really is quite a quilt, if I may say, of what this country is. And on all kinds of levels, everybody has sort of come together on this one basic issue which is that our democracy doesn't exist when it comes to our economy. And average, every day people don't have a say anymore as to how this economy runs, how it functions, how it effects people's lives. ... People's homes are underwater. They're facing foreclosure. They have been foreclosed. They have been thrown out. 50 million people -- you know all the stats, I don't need to go through this again -- who don't have healthcare. The horrible situation with our educational system. You go down the list and everybody has felt this on various levels and they've all come together now. And I'll tell you what, from what I've seen, there's no turning back. They are not going away. They have had it. They want that -- as I just said over here at the Occupy Denver rally -- they want that boot, that corporate boot, off of their necks." -- Michael Moore on the Rachel Maddow Show, Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Getting the boot off at http://www.michaelmoore.com

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